How to start a fashion blog

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If you’re an avid blog follower and have been thinking about starting your own, what are you waiting for?! Follow our simple ten step guide on how to start a fashion blog and get on your way to starting something exciting.


Decide what your angle is

There are a lot of so sit down and have a think about what your angle is. Do you want to document your style with photography or write longer articles? Do you want to write about luxury fashion or high street fashion? Think about what makes your blog unique – maybe it’s your individual taste, maybe it’s your strong opinions, maybe it’s your humour or maybe it’s your ability to find a bargain. Having a strong identity as a blogger is very important and will help you comes up with post ideas.


2. Pick the right platform

There are lots of different platforms out there to host your blog and they each have slightly different selling points. Blogspot is young, hip, user-friendly and ideal for first time fashion bloggers. Tumblr is very visual and is best for photographers who don’t intend to write much. WordPress is a little more serious and often used by journalists or those who like to write lengthier pieces. Research similar blogs to find out which platform they use and decide which is the best fit for you.


3. Come up with a catchy name

This is possibly the hardest part when you’re figuring out how to start a fashion blog! Your blog’s name should be catchy, instantly recognisable as a fashion or style blog and not be being used by anyone else. Do a quick Google search, and also look on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to avoid picking a name that’s already in use or doesn’t have available social media handles.


4. Create a beautiful design

It’s so important that your blog looks as good as the content posted on it! Most blogging platforms have a wide selection of free design templates that you can use to make your blog look beautiful. However, if you’re willing to invest a bit more, the paid templates can be a more original option that allows you to customise them. If design isn’t your strong point, it’s worth getting help from a friend who is.


5. Start publishing

You’re ready to go! When it comes to publishing posts, many bloggers find it useful to create a schedule to make sure they keep up to date with their posts. Set aside some time each week to create posts and publish with regularity. Once a week is usually a good amount when you first start a fashion blog..


6. Set up your social media channels

One of the best ways to bring in readers is through social media so make sure you’re on top of it. If possible, use the same handle across all platforms to maintain consistency. Tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck can schedule posts for you so that you don’t have to constantly interrupt your day to post on social media.


7. Take the time to learn about SEO

If you’re not sure what SEO is (it stands for search engine optimisation, by the way) it’s well worth getting to grips with! Put basically, there are little things that you can do to improve your chances of your blog popping up in potential readers’ Google searches and it can have a dramatic impact on your hit rate.


8. Print some business cards

While promoting your blog online is great, there’s nothing quite like a personal connection with someone to build a loyal readership. Print some business cards from somewhere affordable such as Moo or Vistaprint with your blog address on them and give them to people you meet. You could also ask shops and beauty salons to put your cards out for you.


9. Connect with other bloggers

Blogging can be a great way to make friends and be part of a community. Look for local meetups in your area and if there aren’t any, organise one! Meeting other bloggers can introduce more people to your blog and provide you with a support network to go to for advice. Social media is also another great way to connect and talk with other bloggers.


10. Be patient

It takes time to build a really strong blog with lots of readers. Play the long game and keep posting regularly, keep plugging your blog to other people, and keep having fun. You’re not going to make it to the front row of fashion week or be sent tonnes of gifts from PRs straight away so be patient and make sure you’re always enjoying it.


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