How to Find Real Cowboy Boots in London

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Gone are the days when cowboy boots were only used by cowboys to ride comfortably in the western saddle. Cowboy boots were used by men to easily transition from riding to walking without compromising their comfort. Today, even the average Joe can own this footwear. Cowboy boots create a lasting impression while showcasing a rich western history.

Classic Texas cowboy boots are originally made from leather and designed by hand. Other varieties include cowboy boots made from exotic skins, such as alligator, buffalo, elephant, and eel.

Here’s how you can find them in London:

Decide If You Want A Pair For Fashion Or Function

With over 43,000 trade retail establishments operating in London, deciding if you want cowboy boots either for fashion or function is a good start.

Are you looking for cowboy boots that can protect your feet at work? A pair made from waterproof materials might be appropriate for you. Cowboy boots were originally used by the working men because of its durability and comfort, and if you’re patient with your search, you can enjoy the same benefits at work, too.

Do you want to own cowboy boots that can turn heads as you’re walking? Cowboy boots made from dyed leather and come in bold, light colours can be excellent options. Cowboy boots with colourful stitches and unconventional styles are also available to suit your unique style.

When you know the reason why you’re buying this footwear in the first place, you’ll avoid going around in circles, and you’ll actually know what to look for.

Determine When You Are Going To Wear Your Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots also vary in shaft heights. The shaft is the measurement between the middle of the boot arch to the very top of the shaft in inches.

When finding real cowboy boots in London, the season when you’re going to wear them also counts. If you’re planning to wear cowboy boots during winter (usually during the months of January to February in London), you can invest in knee-high cowboy boots. This pair can protect your feet from the cold while allowing you to still enjoy the functional and aesthetic features of cowboy boots.

If you want to strut your cowboy boots during summer (around June to August in London), ditch knee-high cowboy boots and look for a pair that provides comfort to your feet. Cowboy boots that have shorter shafts are some of your best options as these allow your feet to breathe and move.

Aside from the length of the shaft, pay attention to the materials used to make the cowboy boots. Goat leather, for one, is an extremely breathable material since it keeps your feet well-ventilated as you’re wearing the boots for hours. Besides, you wouldn’t want to suffer from blisters just because you’re wearing your new cowboy boots, right?

Work On Getting The Right Fit

One of the most important factors when choosing cowboy boots is its fit. Regardless of how cheap or charming a pair is, if it doesn’t fit you, never buy it. Buying cowboy boots that are either too small or too big for your feet is a waste of money. This notion remains true even if you’re only planning to wear cowboy boots during special occasions.

Although cowboy boots also come with sizes just like any other footwear, there other elements to consider before you can declare a pair is the best fit. The following tips can come in handy during this process:

  • Try on multiple pairs: Once you found a retailer in London that sells the cowboy boots you need, sit down and try on multiple pairs. Keep in mind that the brand and leather can affect how the cowboy boots will conform to your feet.
  • Pay attention to your heel: When trying out a pair, pay attention to your heel. While your entire foot should fit snugly in the boot, your heel is supposed to slip in your new pair. This is common when you’re wearing new cowboy boots. Over time, this will gradually soften and conform perfectly to your foot. The more you wear your cowboy boots, the faster the slippage will disappear!
  • Check the ball of your foot: The ball of your foot should comfortably sit at the widest part of the insole. If the ball of your foot sits too backward or far forward, your toes will be uncomfortable just minutes after wearing your cowboy boots.

Choose Carefully

Real cowboy boots aren’t cheap. Regardless of the leather, style, and embellishment, expect that you’ll have to spend a few hundred dollars for a pair; more if you’re planning to buy cowboy boots from an established brand.

Use this article as your guide so you can quickly narrow down your options in London and end up buying a pair that provides value to your money.

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