How to become a female model

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Follow our top 10 tips for how to become a model and start your journey to getting signed by an agent and manoeuvring the exciting world of Models1 note on their application form that you must be a minimum of 5ft 8 to apply. Curve models need to be a minimum of 5ft 8 and a minimum of a size 14. Models can be signed to agencies as young as 14 but you must have a parent’s permission to do so. If you can’t find the agency’s requirements on their website, give them a call to find out so that you don’t waste your time speaking to the wrong agencies.


2. Research an agency that’s a good fit

Different agencies often have different ‘looks’ that they represent. For example, one agency might look after a lot of models with a classically feminine look, while another might be more interested in alternative models with tattoos and piercings. Find an agency that your look fits into and focus on speaking to them.


3. Take good, clear photos of yourself

You don’t necessarily need to have any modelling experience to become a model. Just ask a friend or family member to take some simple photographs of you to send to agencies. Remember, these photos are to see what you look like, not prove you can pull a pose like Naomi Campbell. Stand straight, look forward and don’t wear makeup or anything that obstructs your face such as sunglasses. Ideally take your photos in front of a white wall and take a mixture of close up head shots, profile shots and full body images.


4. Send the right information

Be short and concise in your cover message. Model agents receive a lot of applications so they want to be able to read everything they need to know about you as quickly as possible. Make sure you include your full name, date of birth, where you live, your gender and your measurements (height, waist, hips, bust). If you have previous modelling experience you may also want to include brief details of this.


5. Drop in to an agency’s offices

Some modelling agencies offer drop in sessions for potential models so you can get in front of the bookers themselves. This is a great way to get feedback, as you often won’t hear from the agencies you email if you’re not successful. Storm Model Management in London offers an open drop in policy from Monday to Friday 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm for those who want to become a model.


6. Look out for competitions

Modelling competitions are a great way to get scouted. Set up a google alert for modelling competitions in your city and check that they are being run by reputable agencies. Elite Model Look and Top Model are some of the biggest and best known competitions.

7. Use social media to get scouted

Post your head shots on your Instagram account and tag model agencies in it. Specify in your profile that you’re looking for representation and start interacting with model scouts to get noticed in a more original way. Instagram is also a great place to show off your personality, as well as your looks, which is something that is increasingly important for casting directors.


8. Build a portfolio

If you’re still struggling to get signed, make some contacts with photographers, designers and fashion students and offer to shoot for them in exchange for using the images in your portfolio. Twitter is a great way to search for people who need models. Put together a ‘book’ of your images, along with your basic head shots and take it with you to any meetings with agents.


9. Always be professional

Modelling can involve long hours, working outside on location, having to wear uncomfortable outfits and attending many, many castings before getting a job. If you really want to make it as a model, it’s crucial to remain professional. Always show up on time, be positive and do your best to give the photographer what he wants from a shot. Remember, if you do a good job then it’s likely you’ll get booked again. Unprofessional behaviour can result in being dropped by your agency.


10. Know your rights

It’s also vital that you know when those around you are being unprofessional. Always be vigilant about scams and understand when what’s being of you is unreasonable. The London Centre of Modelling has some good advice about your rights and how to become a model with an agent or independently.


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