Hipster Bingo and Other Things That Are Somehow Chic in 2018

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Fashions come and go, but there are several that make an unexpected return. One only needs to look at the recent revival of the choker necklace to see what we mean. (Let’s hope hair mascara isn’t something we’ll see anytime soon, though!)

Revisiting trends is something many other industries witness, too, including hobbies and interests. And it goes without say that us Britons are huge hobby fanatics, with the average hobbyist spending as much as a whole day per week perfecting their pastime.

We’re also heavily influenced by what’s going on around us, with sports events and TV shows inspiring us to get fit or creative. For example, 3.7 million people have donned their aprons in a bid to become ‘star bakers’ after watching The Great British Bake Off, while 12% of people are motivated when they watch the London Marathon.

But which of the nation’s favourite pastimes have become ‘hip’ in recent years?

We’ll find out below:


1. Bingo

Bingo used to be popular amongst older women who loved to head to their bingo hall for a social with their friends (not to mention the chance to win some extra cash). And for some, this perception of bingo may remain the same – but statistics say otherwise.

According to the BBC, bingo isn’t a dying hobby as there are 45 million visits to local bingo halls in the U.K. every year – and the people enjoying bingo are getting younger, too. Experts even predict that, by 2019, we’ll spend an additional £30 million a year on bingo.

So why is it growing in popularity?

Well, the introduction of online bingo has certainly helped reach out to younger people and get them interested in the game. Furthermore, when they visit their local bingo hall they’re greeted with a warm, welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for a night out with friends.

Not joined in with this craze yet but fancy having a go?

Then there are plenty of websites that offer free bingo, no deposit required, so you can test your dabber skills before you get serious or head to your local bingo hall.


2. Knitting

Another hobby you may associate with your Grandma is knitting. But today, that couldn’t be further from the truth because it’s come back into fashion – with a vengeance. According to some figures, there are now 7.3 million knitting fans in the U.K. and 53 million in the U.S.

What do people find so good about knitting?

A survey revealed that after a long, stressful day, 86% of knitters in the U.K. reach for their knitting needles in order to relax and unwind. What’s more, 90% of knitting fanatics believe that their anxiety levels decrease after a knitting session, with 70% also suggesting that they have a sense of elation after they’ve mastered a new knitting technique or have finished a new project.

And it’s clear online resources have contributed to this resurgence in knitting, with 77% of knitters turning to YouTube to learn a new skill, and 15% of those who are new to knitting learning the basics online.


3. Calligraphy

In an age where we pick up our phones to text people, get our out laptops to send an email and post a picture on Instagram instead of sending a postcard, you’d be forgiven for thinking that artistic writing skills like calligraphy were a dying art. However, many people are noticing a rise in the number of people attending calligraphy classes, with an increasing number of calligraphers now being in their 20s.

Popular amongst artists, calligraphy is a great way to show off your creativity, with many expert calligraphers being hired to write unique signs for restaurants, businesses and so on. You’ll even find some of the world’s best calligraphers demonstrating their skills on Instagram.


4. Colouring for Grown-Ups

If you haven’t noticed the influx of colouring books for grown-ups on the market, where have you been all this time?

Compared to the previously mentioned hobbies, which have often been favoured by older people before being taken up by youngsters, colouring in is a hobby that’s now becoming popular amongst adults. It started to gain popularity in 2012 but has since become a full-on trend.

As a kid, colouring in was a great way of being arty, experimenting with colour and losing yourself in your imagination – and it seems adults want a piece of this, too.
And the best bit?

Many experts believe that colouring in boasts many positive health benefits, including boosting your mental health, reducing anxiety, bringing about more mindfulness and creating focus. Essentially, colouring in is almost like a form of meditation because it allows you to switch off from the world around you.

As you can see, there are plenty of hobbies to have a go at, whether you want to unleash your creative side or you want to do something different with your friends. And regardless of what you choose to do, taking this time out to do something you really enjoy can do wonders for your well-being.


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