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When it comes to reminiscing about important moments in your life, it’s fair to say that milestone events such as walking down the aisle, passing driving tests, celebrating birthdays and – particularly in the run up to Christmas – going to amazing parties would usually be the first to spring to mind. But what about the smaller, everyday moments that make you stop and smile?

Since the mid-2000s, UGG Australia has become a by-word for cosy, comfortable footwear, so it makes sense that the brand want to get you to concentrate on life’s little luxuries this season instead; when you’re at your most natural and relaxed.

UGG Australia have enlisted the help of three free spirits to encourage you to focus on life’s small idiosyncrasies: fashion blogger and model Hanneli Mustaparta, the illustrator Langley Fox Hemingway and model/DJ/actor/general wunderkind Jack Guinness. Their UGG Australia moments see them when they’ve switched off all their devices, when they’re kicking back with friends or when they’re doodling. They are simply relaxed, doing what they enjoy most and being themselves.

Of course, UGG Australia has a range of seasonal items which are entirely designed with comfort in mind, helping you to forge your own UGG Australia moments. Obviously there is the classic women’s UGG boot – redesigned in seasonal prints and textures – but there are also a range of slippers, gloves, scarves, ear warmers and hats to keep you snuggly during the cold, winter months. There’s also a large range of products for men; from outdoor boots, gloves, scarves and hats to slippers, dressing gowns and loungewear.

So whatever big things you’ve got planned this Christmas, remember not to overlook the small things too. Whether it’s having a sleepover with old friends or spending time reminiscing with your family, sometimes the smaller moments in life can be some of the best.

What will your UGG Australia moment be?

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