Five inspiring places to sleep in the UK

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Maybe it’s time to change your perspective on sleep. The team at Simba, Europe’s favourite mattress-in-a-box brand, are constantly thinking up ways to make sleep better. One way to do that is by enriching your environment, especially for sleep.

Since regular sleep is associated with boosting creativity, perhaps spending a night or two in these inspiring surroundings will help supercharge your creative potential. And if you don’t have time to get away just yet, you can always give your own bedroom a boost with the award-winning Simba Hybrid® Mattress.

Treehouse at Fernie Castle

Fife’s Fernie Castle has a fairytale place to rest your head – a turreted treehouse tucked away in the grounds. With every inch decorated to enhance the woodland setting and reference fairytale lore, it’s almost a surprise to discover there is are proper plumbing and a king size bed to kick back in after a day exploring. Clap your hands if you believe in better sleep!

The Island

Off the coast of Newquay, Cornwall, The Island is exactly that – a tiny off-shore outpost accessible only via private footbridge and home to a lavishly appointed three-bedroom house with palm tree-studded gardens. The views alone should be enough to stimulate the senses.

Gladstone’s Library

Tucked away in the tiny village of Hawarden, North Wales,, Gladstone ’s is not only the UK’s only Prime Ministerial library, but it’s one you can actually sleep in. The Grade I-listed building houses both a gorgeous collection of books, but also a cluster of simple but comfortable bedrooms free of clutter and distraction. Work and read in soothing silence all day, then chill out in incredibly quiet and peaceful surroundings. Bliss for book lovers.

Solent Forts

Another jaunt off the coast, this time accessed from Portsmouth, the Spitbank, No Man’s and Horse Bank Forts are a trio of man-made former military fortifications, now reworked as hotel and event spaces and accessible by boat. There’s a definite air of adventure about them – not to mention a touch of Agatha Christie.

The Zed Rooms

Simba’s own sleep sanctuary, The Zed Rooms were created in partnership with boutique serviced apartment specialists Cuckooz. The one and two-bed apartments feature the whole Simba range, including the Hybrid Mattress, designed with data from ten million sleepers to suit every body type and sleep style.

From the sleeping sanctuary of the cocoon-like Woom Room, designed to help you to quite literally sleep like a baby, to the fresh linens and faraway wall prints of the dreamy Loom Room, every detail is curated to unlock your sleeping potential. Plus, with a host of leading partner brands that let you set the temperature, sound and lighting ambience at the touch of a button – or voice command – your stay is always perfectly optimised for sleep. This is bedtime, but not as you know it.

Of course, you don’t have to take yourself away to revamp your sleep surroundings. Simple changes like decluttering, charging your phone in the other room and swapping a tired, lumpy or uncomfortable mattress for the comfort and support of a Simba Hybrid could make a huge difference.

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