Top 10 Best Festival Essentials

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When summer rolls around it’s not just about beach breaks and all-inclusive packages, for the best holiday you’ll have all year, you need to buy tickets for a music festival. Having the right kit with you is the best way to guarantee a great time (apart from good mates and music of course). The problem is, if you’ve not been to a festival before, you might forget some of the essential items that will help ensure your weekend is the best it can possibly be. That’s why we’ve made this list of our top 10 festival essentials to help you make the most of your weekend.


1: Coleman BlackOut 3 Festival Dome Tent

When it comes to your festival weekend, the tent is your most important purchase. A good tent is essential for getting a good night’s sleep, which is exactly what you need after a long day dancing away to your favourite bands and artists. Plus, your tent is also your own little social hub for that weekend, where you will hang out with your friends – both old and new.

So, as tempting as it is to buy a cheap, throwaway tent for that weekend, investing in a quality tent that will impress your friends and give you the best sleep possible is a must. The Coleman Blackout 3 is a blackout design that will keep the sun at bay, allowing you that much needed lie-in, and even better, this blackout material regulates temperature, helping you to sleep better too.

RRP £160


2: Fjӓllrӓven Ulvö Hip Pack

Keeping your valuables safe is essential for any festival, which is why you need the Fjӓllrӓven Ulvö hip pack. Waterproof and comfortable, it will store items like your phone and money in the zipped security pocket, allowing you to party the weekend away worry-free.

RRP £45 (medium) £57 (large)


3: LifeSaver Liberty Bottle and Filter

Single-use plastic bottles will no longer be allowed at major music festivals, meaning you’ll need an alternative to keep hydrated. Of course, you could bring a simple refillable bottle, but for extra safety from what could be some dodgy tap water, invest in a reputable filter bottle like this one from Liberty.

Not only does the integrated filter remove 99.99% of all the nasty bacteria and viruses you can find in unfiltered water, it also has a carbon filter to ensure your water tastes fresh.

RRP £89.99


4: Coleman 360 Sound and Light LED Lantern

When the music stops, most of us festival-goers head back to our tents to keep the party going. The problem is, without any proper light, it can be hard to socialise. Which is why the Coleman LED lantern is so useful. With its 400 lumens of light, this bright light will be the centrepiece of your after-party. It even has an in-built Bluetooth speaker for all your favourite tunes.

RRP £70.00


5: Go Travel Power Bank 400

Whether it’s for letting your family know you’re okay or for taking all those photographic memories, our phones are essential for any festival. The problem is, these days, they run out of battery at a ridiculous speed, leaving you cut off.

That is, unless you bring your Go Travel Power Bank, which is capable of charging most smartphones in less than 2 hours. It’s also light and compact, meaning it will easily slide into any pocket – ideal for charging on the go.

RRP £19.99


6: Lifesystems Intensity 230 Head Torch

The campsites at music festivals are massive, which is something that many festival-goers don’t realise before they go. It might seem okay during the day, when your tent is easy to spot, but when the sun goes down and the last bands finish up, it can be incredibly easy to get lost.

To help yourself out, the Lifesystems Head Torch will light your way back to your tent. Plus, with its 110-hours of batter life, you won’t be in risk of running out of power over the weekend.

RRP £29.99


7: Go Travel Hybrid Universal Pillow

Between the partying and the music, it’s a solid fact that you won’t get much sleep over a festival weekend. So, when you do return to your tent, you want to ensure that you can get to sleep as quick as you can – something which can be difficult on a hard floor.

To help you get a good night’s sleep, the Go Travel Pillow gives you the comfort of home in a pillow that can pack away to a quarter of its original size. You’ll never have a bad festival night’s sleep again!

RRP £9.99


8: Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV

Yes, festivals are full of delicious food trucks, but with high prices and long queues, sometimes you want to just cook your own grub, which is where the Campingaz Party Grill comes in. Incredibly versatile, this portable cooker can be used as a griddle, wok, grill or barbeque.

The grill comes with its own compact carry bag, making it easy to travel with and it has Piezo ignition, so you won’t need your own matches.

RRP £110.00


9. Lifesystems Pocket First Aid Kit

A first aid kit might not be the top of many people’s festival packing lists, but this is an essential item for any backpack! Whether you need painkillers or a hydration pack to help cure a hangover, or plasters or cream to help combat blisters or sunburn – this little first aid kit will feel like a godsend over the weekend.

RRP £12.99


10. Keen Karaig Hiking Boots

Comfortable shoes are a must-have for your festival weekend. You’re going to be on your feet all day, walking and dancing over the site. So, if your shoes aren’t comfortable, you’re going to seriously suffer.

To keep your feet happy, invest in some Keen Karaig hiking shoes. Made for comfort, these shoes will keep you warm and dry in even the worst of weathers, meaning you can concentrate on having fun!

RRP varies on design


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