Fashion Vlogging to Chatting: The Best Video and Audio Gadgets of 2020

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It is safe to say that life today mainly revolves around our computers. This includes communicating with family and colleagues as well as entertaining and educating yourself. With this in mind, equipping your PC with gadgets for quality video and audio is a wise investment.

You may just want to talk to people without interference or have a trendsetting project in mind that could use the best technology on the market. No matter the purpose, what you’re looking for is strong performance you can rely on. Yet, there are dozens of available options that seem to fit the bill. How to choose? Start with the most highly rated models and work your way through others of similar specifications. Tailor your choices to your needs and budget. The popular devices below will hopefully provide some inspiration.


Webcams are an essential part of effective online communication, especially for vloggers or even more demanding live streamers. The good news is that you have access to equipment that is just as professional as that used at Giorgio Armani’s fall show, which was filmed behind closed doors. Thinking of turning you home into a catwalk or makeup studio? Purchasing the right camera goes a long way towards entertaining or simply communicating with your viewers (and once you’ve done that, consider buying semi-pro or professional lighting too).

When browsing webcams, your checklist should at least include sharp visuals, adjustable features and good lighting. A device professional streamers recommend for incorporating all these qualities is the Razer KIYO. For £99.99, you get a fully customisable webcam with a resolution of 720p at 60 fps and a ring light that reaches a 5,600K colour temperature. But then, the Logitech C922s offers just as much value for money, with the included tripod and free 3-month XSplit licence compensating for the lack of a ring light.


Your purpose is important when it comes to choosing gadgets. If the aim is to fully immerse yourself in Netflix shows and movies, speakers could be the best solution. On the other hand, earphones or headsets are vital for those seeking privacy in a noisy environment during, for example, a conference call, a live-streamed baking session or even the sensitive and emotional interactions of clairvoyant readings, which have become increasingly popular in their online incarnation in recent years thanks to its immediacy and convenience compared to traditional options such as over-the-phone or in-person readings. Crisp, uninterrupted sound gives you greater confidence and satisfaction when talking remotely about your present and future in any context.

In terms of speakers, Logitech’s Z623 system is a great example of high-tech THX sound. If the subwoofer technology is attractive to you but £159.99 seems expensive, continue exploring products with the same features and good reviews. Use the same method when exploring noise-cancelling headphones. Sony is perhaps the first place to look as its WH-1000XM3 model continues to dominate this particular market. For devices of an even higher calibre, turn towards gaming headsets from the likes of HyperX and Astro.

There certainly are a lot of technical elements to consider while choosing the right technology for your purpose, but careful planning can make things easier. Think about exactly what you need for your digital communications and don’t fall for shiny features you’re not likely to use yourself. Then, narrow down the best candidates for video and audio that fulfil all these demands. The upgrade will give a great boost to the quality of your interactions, entertainment and broadcasts.

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