Coolest Casinos in London

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When you think of gambling, the first places that come to mind are stereotypically Las Vegas, Atlantic City or the Gold Coast. London isn’t really known for its gaming scene in the global community. This doesn’t stop it from being a first class experience. If you can pull yourself away from the convenience of online casinos like, you are bound to have a great time at the tables and the slots in “The Swinging City.”

Whether you are a professional looking for new and untouched turf or you simply want a bit of gaming in between Big Ben and Buckingham Palace tourism, here are the coolest casinos in London for you to sink your gaming teeth into.

The Grosvenor Victoria Casino

The Grosvenor Victoria Casino is a beautiful location that is established (for those “in the know) as a centre of London gaming since the 1960s. Commonly known as “the Vic,” this casino now plays host to the UK Poker Tour’s Grand Final. If you are looking for around the clock gaming, this is your place – it’s open 24 hours a day. The gaming here has been centered around poker since poker began its rise to prominence in the 2000s, but there is a huge selection of table and card games that are available for casual players as well. You won’t feel out-of-place if you don’t dress to the 9s, but you can certainly find your share of luxury high roller tables if this is more your speed.

The Colony Club by Genting

The May Fair area of London, one of the city’s most expensive parts of town, plays host to The Colony Club by Genting, which is similarly catered to high rollers. The location is an inspiring mix of luxury and more luxury, with more than enough entertainment value to keep you all day even if you don’t feel like gaming. Enjoy luscious cuisine for the international crowd, live music at The Colony Bar and drink the night away on the generously stocked casino floor if you want. Make no mistake, however. The Colony Club is all about gaming – high-end gaming. Bring your wallet (and credit card, if necessary), because all of the action is at the high roller tables.

The Ritz Club

London may not be on the tip of your tongue when you think of first class gaming cities. However, you have probably heard of the Ritz. The Ritz Club is one of those places that you know you’ve seen before even if you haven’t, because this world-famous, highly exclusive location has been mimicked and emulated in everything from James Bond movies to online casino graphic design. This is the height of gaming not only in London, but around the world. Dress to impress and take advantage of their limousine ferry service to start the night off right. Circulate slowly so that you can take in the air of opulence coming from the environment (and from the ducts – the air is fortified with extra oxygen). Win or lose, this will be an experience that you will treasure.

The Hippodrome Casino

This legendary entertainment venue stands tall in Leicester Square. The Hippodrome Casino is known to be the “place for punters” for the past 100 years. Alongside the three floors of gaming, you might also easily find yourself in the 180 seat theatre enjoying the best cabaret and jazz that London has to offer. After the performance, you can whet your appetite for the main course of gaming with a huge selection spirits from one of the six bars. Enjoy a steak at the Hellot Steak House before you spend the rest of the night at the tables and slots.

The Casino at the Empire

Exclusive and extravagant – these are two descriptors that are not easy to come by considering the competition on this list – but The Casino at the Empire deserves its spot here. The Casino is also in Leicester Square. Its slogan, “[bringing] a touch of Vegas to the UK,” becomes more apparent the longer you stay. The Casino has a routine £25,000 cash race and enough blackjack to keep you busy for the entire night. You can also take advantage of four luxurious bar areas and access to punto banco, pai gow and baccarat.

Believe it or not, the locations above are only a taste of what London has to offer the global gaming community. What are you waiting for – head up there, start making some memories and give this city the reputation that it deserves.

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