Bob Haircuts worth trying this Spring

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Chin-length, short haircuts are extremely popular this season. They bring freshness to your hair, making it airy and weightless, with a bit of light-heartedness. It’s no wonder that women around the world are rushing for this new experience. Use this tutorial to choose the most suitable haircut for you.

Basic rules of caring for short hair

If you are afraid that you will not be able to handle the daily care procedures which your new haircut will demand, buy a Chi straightener and save yourself some time. You will not need to spend hours taking care of your new hairdo. The shorter the hair, the easier it is to style it.
Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Lana Condor, Hailey Bieber, Rihanna … do you know what unites these celebrities? They all recently cut their hair, returning deserved attention to the classic bob. And this is just the beginning of the list. Choose one of the various popular haircuts, from a pixie crop to a long bob, and follow these simple steps:

— Don’t brush your hair too often. Use your fingers to comb it. Luckily, you don’t have to do this a lot, as short hair does not tangle as much as long hair does. You can easily shape it with your fingers or buy a bristle brush for minimal intrusion.

— Stop using a hairdryer. Your short hair will air dry in an hour or even less. You can also significantly cut down on the time you spend straightening your hair. Use this time to restore your hair’s health once you no longer need heated products.

— Trim the ends of your hair every 2 months. Don’t forget to keep your haircut in perfect shape. It will not cost much, as short hair requires half as much work as long hair. If you want to keep your bob looking good, don’t forget about this procedure. Hair grows an average of half an inch per month.

— Wash your hair regularly. Now you’ll have to wash your hair at least 3-4 times a week. The shorter your haircut, the more washing it requires. Why? Because it becomes greasy more quickly than a longer haircut. Still, the number of times you wash per week depends on your hair type and on your hair’s response to the oil that the skin on your head produces.

— Use cold water for shiny hair. To make your short hair shine, you don’t need to spend money on expensive professional care products. If you notice that your hair looks dull, try this ancient beauty recipe. If you don’t like washing with cold water, decrease the temperature gradually.

How to style your bob

The first short, chin-length haircut for women provoked a sensation and a scandal. Nowadays, it still looks rebellious. Not many women are ready to change their look with such a bold move. However, if you feel the need for transformation, here are a few tips that will help you keep your hair in style:

— Use a round brush for a bob. Brush your hair while it is wet. Use spray for a longer effect.

— Massage a small amount of spray, mousse, or gel into your hair. Don’t use too much. Put the substance on one palm and then rub your hands together before running your fingers through your hair.

— Use hair ties or hair clips, separate your hair into several sections. Now brush each section into the shape you need. You can always use a hairdryer to boost your hairdo. Don’t rush; go section by section.

The most popular haircuts of spring 2019

— Short hair with bangs. This is one of the most popular haircuts of the season. A classic pixie haircut looks gorgeous with bangs that draw attention to the eyes. This hairdo does not need much care.

— Blunt side-parted bob. This perfectly suits casual or formal occasions, and matches different clothing styles. You can make it curly or straight, depending on your mood.

— Short angled bob. This is one of the best edgy haircuts. By cutting your hair to various lengths, you will increase its volume. Try it sleek or messy, according to the occasion.

— Long pixie. This variant is perfect for thin hair. Because of the numerous layers, your haircut will have extra volume. It’s the perfect choice for spring and summer.

If you are ready to change your look, try a short haircut. Regardless of the shape of your face, the colour of your eyes, or your hair type, you can find a haircut that will look amazing on you. Spice up your style and join celebrities in their love of short hair.

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