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Do you ever wish you could have an entirely new wardrobe for a fraction of the cost? Tired of fast fashion and looking to shop more sustainably? But hate being stuck with wearing the same old outfits over and over?

The answer is fashion rental sites. No longer do you have to save up and buy that new dress you’ve been eyeing up – you can just rent it for a special occasion and return it when you’re done.

Fashion rental platforms have been growing in popularity over the last few years and there are new websites and apps popping up all the time. If you’re thinking of trying out a fashion rental service, here are five of the best.


1. Onloan

Onloan was founded by two friends with a mutual love of fashion, with the aim of reducing waste while promoting independent designers at the same time.

The curated Onloan edit is refreshed every month, and you can also receive a personalised edit by taking their style survey. Designers in the selection include ALEXACHUNG, Cefinn, House of Dagmar, and Mykke Hofmann.

Clothes are sent out in reusable packaging and you get to wear them for a month before returning. The service works on a subscription model, and you pay monthly to choose from two to five items. Each item of clothing is worth an average of £250.

Pricing: £69 per month for 2 items; £99 per month for 3 items; £159 per month for 5 items. All shipping and minor mending is included, so you don’t have to worry about shelling out for a replacement if you lose a button.


2. My Wardrobe HQ

My Wardrobe HQ enables women to rent designer clothes for 10% of their RRP, with items sourced directly from brands as well as from the wardrobes of celebrities and influencers. The items are a mix of old and new season and are chosen for their long-term desirability.

What makes My Wardrobe HQ unique compared to other rental services is that if you get an item of clothing you particularly like, you can buy it. Then, when you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe again, you can list it back on the platform and earn money for more clothing rentals.

The collection includes clothes and accessories from over 500 designers, including Stella McCartney, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Mulberry, Vivienne Westwood, Isabel Marant, and many more.

You can rent any item for 14 days, or longer on request.

Price: from £5 per item, per day.



HURR is the UK’s first peer-to-peer clothing rental service – instead of renting clothing items directly from HURR, you’re renting from other people’s wardrobes.

Once you’re approved for an account, you take photos of the items you want to rent from your wardrobe, setting your own price. Members can then contact each other to arrange to rent the item, either in person or by post. Standard rental time is 7 days.

The lender is responsible for dry cleaning each item before rental, and renters can opt to pay an additional £5 damage protection charge, which will cover minor repairs such as a broken zip. It’s free to post items from your wardrobe, and HURR works on a commission basis of 15% to both lenders and renters.

Price: Varies (set by lender). Current items on the site include a Balenciaga clutch bag for £84, a Ganni wrap dress for £109, and a pair of Louboutins for £121.


4. By Rotation

By Rotation is another peer-to-peer rental service, but it works via an app rather than a website. Not restricted just to high-end designer labels, By Rotation describes itself as “the Airbnb of mid to luxury fashion”.

You can list your own items, using your own photos, on an interface that looks similar to Instagram. You can also earn credits towards rentals by recommending the app to your friends. Items can be delivered in person or via Royal Mail. The lender is responsible for cleaning, but you can add a cleaning fee if you wish. By Rotation also partners with the Clothes Doctor for a repairs service.

The lender sets the daily listing rate, and renters can negotiate directly for renting for longer periods. The platform chargers lenders a 15% service fee

Price: By Rotation recommends 10% of RRP but lenders are free to set their own rental prices. Current items on the platform include a Chanel bag for £60 a day and a Stella McCartney dress fro £20 a day.


5. Cocoon Club

Cocoon is a monthly subscription service for designer bag lovers with a wide selection of new season, pre-owned, and limited edition bags.

The membership fee allows you to rent one bag per month, or you can pay an additional £10 to switch it out for another bag. You can keep a bag for up to 6 months if you fall in love with it. After six months, members can use a portion of their membership fee towards purchasing the bag if they wish.

Price: £99 per month. A £250 holding fee is needed for new members, which ill be held as a damage deposit.


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