Our Pick Of The Best Fashion Podcasts Well Worth A Listen

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As public appetite for podcasts continues to grow, and we find ourselves searching for some much needed meaningful day-to-day conversation whilst working from home, what better time to update to your subscription list and discover some of the best fashion podcasts available online now!


Fashion No Filter

Join influencer Camille Charriere and journalist Monica Ainley as they decipher the inner workings of the fashion world with their imaginative and conceptual podcast Fashion No Filter.

Addressing and reflecting upon all aspects of the industry, from its ‘concepts and images’, to its ‘words and clichés’, Charriere and Ainley use their platform to offer an honest and insightfully revealing look at the ever changing, and evolving, creative community.

Accessible, intimate and easy-to-digest, this delightful podcast, with it’s to-the-point commentary and fun effervescent feel, truly is one of the best.


Outspoken Beauty

Billed as being one of the most authentic and informative beauty podcasts produced here in the U.K., Outspoken Beauty (hosted by broadcaster Nicola Bonn) offers a unique and candid look at an industry that can be so often be misunderstood.

With its no-nonsense approach to tackling and debating some of the beauty world’s most prevalent and timely topics, this intelligent and well thought out podcast provides stimulating conversation and thought provoking discussion for listeners wanting to further explore their artistic passions.

Featuring an array of interviews with a whole host of different celebrities, experts and influencers, Outspoken Beauty if a must listen for fans of all things beauty.


The Business of Fashion

Renowned for presenting thoughtful editorial stories and fashion-oriented features in a fresh way, The Business of Fashion podcast has fast become essential listening for industry creatives, executives and entrepreneurs in over 200 countries around the world.

Available weekly, each informative episode sparks debate and thoughtful discussion, taking listeners right to the heart of that particular episode’s subject matter, providing relevant and insightful information for individuals looking to forge a career in fashion.


Working From Home with Stylist

In a direct response to the Covid-19 crisis, Stylist Magazine have launched their very own podcast dedicated to those in need of a little bit of extra emotional and practical support during this undeniably challenging time.

Designed to be a ‘virtual office’ for everyday the ‘Stylist woman’, missing her work colleagues and daily office banter, this timely and bespoke podcast provides listeners with everything from practical and reassuring advice, to vibrant ‘water cooler chat’.

Warm and welcoming, heartfelt, honest and real, join Lisa Smosarksji and Alix Walker for some much needed thoughtful, and frank conversation.


My Wardrobe Malfunction

My Wardrobe Malfunction is an open, safe space for guests and listeners to take ownership of their past fashion mistakes and style blunders. So if you find yourself cringing as some of your past ensemble choices, tune in and engage with Susannah Constantine as she explores the profound, and sometimes complex, relationship many of us have with fashion.

In each episode Constantine meets with a dazzling array of well-known public figures to discuss their connection with clothes – as they reveal everything from their ‘comfort blanket’ to their ‘burial suit’ and, of course, their ultimate wardrobe malfunction!

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