Best Dressed NFL Players on the Red Carpet

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Walking the red carpet is the perfect chance to put on the ritz. Young men who are showcasing their style in front of the world have the chance to look their absolute best and demonstrate their personality. They spend plenty of time selecting the perfect outfit, making sure that every individual detail is perfect for this unique occasion.

Some players showcase their style in a way that sets them apart from the rest – let’s examine some of the best dressed NFL players on the red carpet.


Odell Beckham, Jr.

Odell Beckham, Jr. arrived at the 2019 Met Gala sporting a black suit, as well as a sleeveless shirt. He also rocked a black kilt, ensuring he sparked quite a few conversations online after his appearance.

The Cleveland Browns wide receiver was sure to garner attention, both positive and negative, but he certainly had the confidence to go for it. He opted for a look that would provoke the same reactions as some of his moves on the field – shock and awe.


Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks, one of the favourites to win in the NFL Super Bowl has one very fashionable football player: Russell Wilson. This quarterback is often on the Red Carpet and he recently launched a new clothing line on Amazon Fashion called Good Man Brand.

Russell has put his energy into creating a modern fashion brand that represents his values both on and off the field. It was designed to represent the best in men, encouraging them to look their best while giving back. The collection features a wide variety of sizes and is available with Amazon Prime.


Brian Burns

Brian Burns wore an attractive purple suit and sunglasses to the NFL draft red carpet. Even better, though, he was insistent on having the correct pair of Spider-Man socks to complete the outfit. He had these overnighted to him just in time for the big event. The Carolina Panthers defensive end rocked his superhero style all the way down the carpet, making sure everyone had their eyes on him. When you’re looking for men’s fashion and style to emulate, you can’t go wrong with taking a page from Brian Burns’s book.


Marquise “Hollywood” Brown

For his recent red carpet appearance, Marquise “Hollywood” Brown wanted to rep Oklahoma’s colors, while also coordinating with his black shirt and slacks. He included his own image on the custom lining of the said blazer. Taking it a step farther, he included the word “Hollywood”, as well as his hometown area code of “954”, creating a custom look to show off both his accomplishments and his hometown pride.


Jawaan Taylor

Jacksonville Jaguars’ Jawaan Taylor featured a custom lining in his jacket, paying tribute to his grandmother. The late Gwendolyn Lewis, who he calls his “guardian angel” has a stunning original photo printed on the lining of his coat, so that she can watch over him wherever he goes. His look featured a gray base with purple plaid accents, brought together in a stunning three-piece suit.

Photo by Walt Disney Television / CC BY-ND 2.0


Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray made an appearance rocking a black tuxedo at the ESPY. Red details completed the style for this Arizona Cardinals player, bringing everything together perfectly on the Red Carpet. The Cardinals quarterback is in the running for an EPSY for Best Collegiate Athlete this year, and based on his ensemble he’s already a winner.

We can look to our NFL players for fashion inspiration and see how they can push the envelope on the red carpet. Whether you’re the type to rock a kilt or not, there’s something to be said for the creativity and boldness that these players demonstrate as they debut these looks. Often, styles make their debut on the red carpet and then trickle down into mainstream fashion. The next time you’re planning an outfit for a special occasion, consider working in a small element to make it uniquely your own — NFL style.


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