How to become a male model

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The women have had their turn and now it’s time for the era of the male supermodel. If you want to get in on the action, here are our top 10 tips for how to become a male model.


1. Know the requirements

Look into the requirements to become a male model and make sure you fit the bill before spending time and energy contacting agencies. Models1 state on their website that you must be at least 5ft 11 to apply to become a male model with them. 30-32 inch waist, and height of at least six feet (1.83m) to be a male catwalk model. However, you may be better suited to other types of modelling so give them a call to find out what they’re looking for first.


2. Research an agency that’s a good fit

Male models tend to fall into two main categories: muscly and well-built with broad shoulders, and skinny and androgynous. Find an agency which represents models of a similar style to you.


3. Take good, clear photos of yourself

When taking pictures to send to an agency, make sure they are clear and represent you accurately. Don’t pose, don’t wear sunglasses or a hat and make sure your hair isn’t obstructing your face. Jawline is very important in male models so show this off in a headshot and profile view. It’s best to wear a plain t-shirt and jeans and stand in front of a white wall.


4. Send the right information

You’ll also need to send some information about yourself with your photos. Keep it short and snappy to make an impact. Give them your full name, date of birth, where you live, your gender and your measurements (height, waist and chest). Let them know briefly about any previous modelling experience you have too.


5. Drop in to an agency’s offices

If you want to avoid getting lost in a queue of emails, spend a day or two going around agencies who are open to aspiring models dropping in. Storm Model Management in London offers an open drop in policy from Monday to Friday 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback while you’re there to help you in future.


6. Take good care of yourself

One of the most important parts of being a model is taking care of yourself. Eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water, shave, trim your figure nails and always look well groomed. Don’t drink excessively the day before a casting or a meeting with your agent. Great skin and hair is vital to be a model and it takes long term work.


7. Use social media to get scouted

A number of young men have been scouted on social media to become a male model in recent years. Instagram is by far the best medium so start uploading model-worthy shots of yourself and follow agencies and agents. Do your research on any comments left by agents to make sure they are credible.


8. Build a portfolio

A great way to get practice in front of the camera and start building a portfolio of images to show agents and clients is to contact universities and offer to model fashion design students’ collections. Also keep your eye out on jobs boards for independent designers who are casting without going through an agency. These tend to be small, low paid or unpaid jobs but can be a great way to start getting some experience to impress agents.


9. Always be professional

Once you start modelling, how you behave on a job is integral to getting booked again. It can be very tiring work with long hours but you need to turn up on time and be enthusiastic. A strong look and a positive attitude that people want to work with is the winning formula to making it in modelling.


10. Know your rights

The road to a career as a male model can be bumpy and it’s important to be clued up on your rights. Follow this advice from The London Centre of Modelling to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of. It happens just as much to male models as it does to female models.


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