Ascot Dress Code 2017 Guide

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We’re already gearing up for Royal Ascot again, which will be held this year on the 20th – 24th of June. If you’re planning a day out to the world’s finest racing event, you’ll need to be clear on the Ascot Dress Code 2017.

Royal Ascot has always had a strict formal dress code, but it’s updated slightly every year to reflect the trends and fashion of the current season. One notable addition this year is jumpsuits being acceptable for the first time.


Royal Enclosure Dress Code

The dress requirements for the Royal Enclosure are the most formal and traditional, however this does not have to equate to boring. Some of the examples of suitable dress in the official dress code style guide include a pompom-adorned Harvy Santos hat and a pink ombre floral print silk Antonio Berardi trouser suit.

Ladies must wear formal adhering to the following guidelines:

• Dresses or skirts that fall to the knee or longer
• Straps must be at least one inch wide (spaghetti straps, halter neck, strapless, and off the shoulder styles are not permitted)
• Jackets and pashminas may be worn
• Full-length trouser suits of matching colour and material may be worn
• Full-length, to the ankle jumpsuits may be worn
• Either a hat or a headpiece with a diameter of at least 4 inches should be worn (fascinators and other headpieces that do not meet this requirement are not permitted).

Gentlemen must wear black or grey morning dress including:

• A waistcoat and tie (cravats are not permitted)
• A black or grey top hat
• Black shoes.

Top hats must be worn within the Royal Enclosure but may be removed inside restaurants, private boxes, private clubs, and the external seating area in the Royal Enclosure garden.

Visitors from overseas may wear the national dress of their country and serving military personnel are invited to wear official Service Dress.

Children aged 10-17 should dress according to the general guidelines for ladies and gentlemen, although there is no size restriction when it comes to hats and headpieces for girls (fascinators may also be worn) and boys may wear a dark-coloured lounge suit with shirt.


Queen Anne Enclosure & Village Enclosure

Both men and women in the main enclosure areas are asked to wear formalwear including a suit with shirt and tie for gentlemen and to adhere to the following guidelines for ladies:

• A hat, headpiece, or fascinator must be worn at all times
• Strapless and sheer strap dresses and tops are not permitted
• Trouser suits and jumpsuits must be full length
• Midriffs must not be exposed
• Shorts are not permitted.

Children should dress formally with smart summer dresses recommended for girls and suits for boys. Boys under 12 may wear formal trousers with a shirt without a jacket and tie and hats are not compulsory for girls in these enclosures.

No formal dress code applies within the Windsor enclosure, but racegoers are encouraged to wear smart clothing and fancy dress and branded or promotional clothing is strictly forbidden.

It’s worth noting that those not adhering to the official dress code may be turned away at the entrance and although the dress code at the Queen Anne and Village enclosures is less strict, “reasonable judgement” will be exercised in deciding whether individuals meet dress code or not.

If you’re looking for headwear inspiration to finish off your Royal Ascot outfit, you may want to have a browse through The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective. Ascot Racecourse has collaborated with six of the UK’s most talented milliners to create six unique hats and headpieces, any of which would be perfect for a day at the races.


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