Amanda Thatcher: 10 Things You Might Not Know

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Amanda Thatcher – Margaret Thatcher’s granddaughter sounds like an unlikely style icon. But after her reading stole the show at her grandmother’s funeral, the previously unknown 19-year-old Texan college student is being billed as ‘the next Pippa Middleton’. Britain was captivated both by her ‘flawless’ reading and by her classic style and beauty.

Wearing a stylish black coat dress, a wide-brimmed hat, black high heels and a simple string of peals, Amanda delivered an moving reading from the book of Ephesians to over 2,000 mourners in attendance at St Paul’s Cathedral. Social media and the tabloid press were quick to latch on to Amanda as being the country’s latest and unlikeliest celebrity obsession.


So is Amanda Thatcher just a pretty face with a talent for public speaking? Here are Ten things you need to know about Amanda Thatcher – the Iron Lady’s most popular family member:


1. Amanda was voted “most likely to change the world” by her high school classmates.


2. Like her mother, stepfather and brother, she is a dedicated evangelical Christian and has carried out missionary work in China.


3. Aged 12, Amanda wrote a letter to President Bush to appeal her father’s ban from entering the USA due to his involvement in an attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea. She wrote: “You know how you feel about your daughters? I want my Daddy back in America.”


4. Amanda and her brother spent much of their childhoods growing up in Cape Town, South Africa. They moved to Dallas with their mother in 2005.


5. A student of the University of Richmond in Virginia, Amanda is a keen sportswoman and an accomplished hurdler and runner. Previously she was captain of the girl’s university track team.


6. Margaret Thatcher doted on her grandchildren and said that receiving photos of them was her “greatest delight”. She kept portraits of Amanda and her brother, Michael on her mantelpiece next to a photograph of her late husband.


7. In the hours following the former Prime Minister’s funeral, #amandathatcher was trending on Twitter with thousands of tweets commenting on her ‘captivating’ performance.


8. Amanda’s middle name is Margaret, after her late grandmother. When congratulated on her speaking at the funeral by MP Rob Wilson, she replied, “It’s sort of in the blood!”. She is Baroness Thatcher’s only granddaughter.


9. Twitter users have dubbed Amanda “The Iron Lovely”, playing on the well known nickname of her late grandmother.


10. Bookmakers, Ladbrokes have offered odds of 200-1 that Amanda will one day become President of the United States.


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