Alexander McQueen: 10 Facts You Might Not Know

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With the highly anticipated  all eyes will be back on one of the most innovative and revolutionary design talents of our time.

Hailing from London’s East End and renowned for his rebellious, unorthodox approach to fashion, Alexander McQueen’s creations continue to garner love and attention worldwide, from fans and experts alike.

In celebration of his attention-grabbing designs and turbulent life, here are our top ten Alexander McQueen facts that you just might not know.


1. As the youngest of six children, McQueen began experimenting with fashion by making dresses for his three sisters. His earliest fashion memory reaches back to when he was just three years old, recalling drawing a dress on the wall of his East London family home.


2. McQueen described himself as the ‘pink sheep’ of the family, knowing he was gay from the age of six, before coming out to his family aged 18 and to the public a year later in an issue of i-D magazine.


3. After famously working on London’s prestigious Saville Row from the age of 16, he went onto work for North London-based theatrical costumiers Angels and Bermans.


4. Alexander McQueen designed stage costumes for David Bowie’s tours from 1996 to 1997, in addition to the iconic Union Jack coat Bowie wore on the cover of his 1997 album Earthling.


5. He also designed the geisha-style outfit worn by Björk on the cover of her 1997 album Homogenic, and later directed her Alarm Call video.


6. He was awarded British Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards four times across his life, in 1996, 1997, 2001 and 2003.


7. A keen scuba diver, the designer was inspired by his favourite diving spot in The Maldives for his infamous spring/summer 2010 collection, which also saw the début of his now iconic Armadillo heels.


8. McQueen was the first designer to collaborate with MAC Cosmetics, producing a line inspired by Elizabeth Taylor in the film Cleopatra in 2007. He also collaborated with the likes of Puma and luggage brand Samsonite.


9. In 2000, he married his partner George Forsyth aboard a yacht in Ibiza, before splitting a year later. However, the pair remained close friends up until his tragic death in 2011.


10. After committing suicide at the age of forty, just nine days after his mother’s passing, McQueen left £50,000 to his dogs to cover their lifetime care, in addition to leaving £100,000 each to four chosen charities.

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