6 Reasons the Marble Trend is Here to Stay

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The use of marble design is not new, but it is definitely gaining more popularity this year. Marble has played a key role in architecture for centuries and is one of the favourite textures for creatives like professional interior designers, to homeowners. The smooth texture and classic design of marble have made it a huge inspiration in the fashion industry. There are many styles and designs which you may not even notice are instigated from marble designs.

Regardless of whatever building blocks and stones are in vogue, nothing is going to replace marble in the interior design and architecture. Similarly, marble inspired fashion trends have made a special place in the fashion world, and they’re here to stay.

1. Marble as a Popular Design Trend

Both marble and its look are found everywhere, including design elements in packages, clothing, clocks, phone covers, jewellery, web designs, and even for cake design. Keeping aside the sleek and elegant look, functional marble is becoming more popular for flooring, tabletops, showers, countertops, etc. With marble being everywhere, it is impossible for the people to remain uninspired.

2. Marble Patterns are too Beautiful to Stay Outdated

As simple and common marble patterns may seem, they can be included in all types of fashion and style. The marble effect in clothes and accessories goes well with elegant and formal wear as well as with funky and hipster-look. The marble patterns can work with monochromatic or two-toned clothes and dresses. And with splashes of multiple colours, colourful marble patterns can make a colourful and eccentric t-shirt, hoods, jackets, skirts, blazers, and even sneakers.

Let us not forget how beautiful marble patterns are, and there is no way people will not want to have at least one clothing item, jewellery, or accessory that has a marble effect on it.

3. Marble Design Jewellery Looks Lovely

Marble jewellery looks exceptionally beautiful. Whether it is a necklace, marble studs, brooch, or bracelets, marble stones give jewellery a majestic structure. Because of the beautiful prints of marble stones, like the one seen here, this robust material is introduced in the jewellery line for a long time. Regardless of what colour and design you go for, marble stones add an eclectic and inspirational appeal to the jewellery. Marble jewellery is perfect for subtly accentuating your styles. The combination of marble with other artificial jewellery base offers elegant, stylish, and inexpensive jewellery pieces for everyone.

Another reason marble jewellery is never going out of vogue is that it does not have a gender-specific look to it. Marble-ornaments provide a variety of designs for men and women to wear. This quality makes marble a wonderful and smart choice when picking up a jewellery material.

4. Marble is Smooth and Sleek

The major reason marble is so popular and is widely used is its sleek and smooth texture. People are naturally attracted to cool and smooth textures, whether it comes to clothes, jewellery or rugs, and carpets. Marble stone in jewellery has an oddly satisfying touch and feel. Where you cannot have the texture of marble in your clothes and accessories no matter how much you love marble, the patterns, and design of the stone itself to add a smooth and sleek look wherever it is used on.

5. With Marble, you can Use Choice of Your Colour

It is a sure thing that bricks, slate, and natural stones are some of the popular materials for interior designs. But there are a few reasons these materials set fashion trends as popular as marble trends. These materials look good only with a limited number of colours. You would rarely see a two-toned brick wall in any house or building. But with marble, you can incorporate as many colours as you want. Marble also supports funky and bright colours, which other materials do not. This is why marble design, colours, and patterns made a big trend in the fashion industry with clothes, shoes, jewellery and other accessories.

6. Suitable for Men and Women

Like floral design or other patterns see at FashionAdict, marble patterns are not gender-specified. You can find a variety of marble-patterned products like shirts, pants, shoes, and even wallets for men. The marble pattern is simple yet looks eccentric. Adorning marble pattern lets you stay true to your style.

For women, the options for adorning marble patterns are endless. From shirts to dresses and from jewellery to sandals, there is everything you can find with marble patterns.
Marble patterns are sneaking their way into formal attire, as well. You can find formal skirts with marble patterns that look stylish yet not too overwhelming.

Final Word

Marble textures, patterns, and designs are everywhere so it is not possible for marble trends to diminish from fashion world as people will keep on taking inspiration from marble. The marble colors, textures and designs can generate never-ending fashion ideas and trends.

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