6 Hot Date Spots in London this Valentines Day

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Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and what better place to spend it than in the wonderful city of London. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic, just up for a bit of fun with your mates, or wanting to spend some special time with your loved one, there are endless activities to choose from to meet everyone’s needs. The pessimists among us may scoff at this day, labelling it a money-making scheme created by capitalism but… those people just aren’t very fun are they? So, without further ado, here are just a few ideas which are sure to give you a burst of inspiration and have you channelling that heart eyes emoji.

Flower Power at Kew’s Orchid Festival

If your partner has never quite managed to pick up on your delicately dropped hints about your admiration for the beauty of flowers, particularly bouquets which make an excellent gift…
then what better way to really highlight this than to suggest hitting up Kew Gardens’ wonderfully fragrant Orchid Festival this valentine’s day. With tickets starting at £16.50, and only £8.00 for young persons (aged 16-24), this immersive and vibrant event is sure to get the senses tingling.

Unconventional Nights Out are the Way Forward

Friends looking for hilarity, dance anthems, glamour and silliness, gather round, for the 14th is the night for Valentine’s Day Drag Bingo. Yes, South London’s finest club, Brixton Jamm, is hosting a Valentine’s extravaganza, involving a winning combination of drag queens, disco tunes, dance offs, all wrapped up with a bingo ribbon. If your guilty pleasure is a bit of online bingo here and there, then this valentine’s event is definitely going to be up your street, and a great way to enjoy a night of love with all of your loved ones in one place!

Activity Bars

A particularly appealing option for any newbie couple is activity bars, and London is simply brimming with them. If you’re a bit worried about the conversation flow, then drinking alongside a bit of healthy competition is sure to amp up the flirtation factor this Valentine’s. You could try your hand at some ping pong at the ‘Bounce’ bars which reside in Shoreditch and Farringdon, play some retro video games in Peckham’s ‘Four Quarters’, swing at some golf balls in the ‘Swingers’ mini golf bars which are spread all across London, or lastly throw some darts at the ‘Flight Club’ bars in Victoria, Shoreditch and Bloomsbury.

Sing your hearts out

Whether it’s a date, or a Valentines outing, Karaoke bars are a great way to release those inner emotions and have a real laugh. If you’re able to lose your inhibitions and warble away to the beat of your favourite song, then Shoreditch’s All Star Lanes is the place for you. In the vibrant heart of Brick Lane, All Star Lanes not only offers karaoke which can take groups from up to 7 or even 14, but also has the option to go bowling, alongside a variety of delicious cocktails and drinks. Starting your Valentine’s in Shoreditch is a great option, as you will also find yourself surrounded by a multitude of fun bars and restaurants which can bookend your vibrant evening.

Romantic Strolls and Bike Rides

If you fancy a less boozy, and more activity based date, then why not explore one of London’s many parks. In South London, both Dulwich park and Battersea Park are home to the London Recumbents. This cycle hire business offers a variety of cycling options, from the hilarious banana bikes, which will have you sat very close to the floor with your legs stretched in front of you, to the slightly more traditionally romantic tandem bikes, which will have you and your partner working together.

If bikes aren’t your thing, but you love the outdoors, then a stroll is the perfect alternative. ‘The Line,’ which you will find in East London, is a walk which stretches between the Greenwich Peninsula and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This walk is perfect for art lovers, as you will find sculptures and installations dotted along the trail. Or, you might prefer to wander around Hampstead Heath’s circular walk, which will have you admiring the London Skyline surrounded by greenery – not to mention there are many pubs dotted around nearby for a warming pint afterwards!

Getting Hands On with BYOB Pottery!

A Valentine’s Day pottery class, it really does scream ‘Ghost’ doesn’t it… A thought which brings us to our final suggestion, the ‘Ultimate Pottery Experience.’ With tickets starting from £38.00, you will find this fun BYOB evening pottery class at Token Studio in Bermondsey. This is a great way to try out a new skill, which may even have the potential to become a favourite new hobby. As well as being a bonding experience for you and your loved one, you will have the chance to meet a new group of people.

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