5 Types of Boots for Fashionable Women

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A fashionable pair of boots can take any outfit from drab to fabulous in a snap of a finger. If you’re feeling stuck in a fashion rut, it’s easy to change up an essential fashion piece such as shoes to give any outfit a fresh new take.

Take a look at these five boot types that any fashionable woman has in her closet.

Cowboy Boots

If you think that cowboy boots belong on a ranch or a farm, then you haven’t seen some of the latest high fashion trends. With many of the top cowboy boots being made from top quality leather with high-end stitching, a good pair can dress up any outfit.

Try a black leather cowboy boot for an edgy, sophisticated look. Or buy a white pair to wear all throughout the year. Most cowboy boots for women have a heel, so your legs will appear elongated and your body shape will appear taller and leaner.

Fringe Boots

Boots with the fringe are a very playful way of expressing your personality through fashion. You can choose an ankle boot with fringe located just on the back of the boot, or a tall boot that has fringe all over. Whatever you decide, you will show that your style is personalised to what you enjoy. Boots with fringe look great with a short dress and tights, or a pair of skinny jeans.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a great fashion choice for all women because they are flattering on almost every body type. If you are petite, then ankle boots can make you appear to have longer legs. If you are tall, ankle boots can give you the illusion of leaner gams. For a muscular build, a boot that comes right above the ankle will show your strong features, while making sure that you don’t look stumpy. For maximum leg-lengthening effects, make sure your ankle boot has a heel.

Knee-High Boots

Another great type of boots for most body types is a knee-high boot. These boots are comfortable because it leaves plenty of movement for walking as they are not as constricting as over-the-knee boots. However, they are just as elongating for the leg.

To accentuate your style, pick knee-high boots with a monochromatic design. This pairs well with other types of fabric or style to give a sophisticated look to even the basics of wardrobe-essentials.

Duck Boots

Not only an essential for snow, but duck boots are a popular new trend to wear during colder month. These boots are great for a layering look of tights, socks, and boots. Of course, even if it doesn’t snow where you live, you can still grab a pair of these boots for a chilly, winter day.

They are also perfect if you’re headed to a cold football game. They will keep you warm and fashionable. These boots are styled best if paired with skinny denim jeans or black jeans. Consider a grey or brown sock for layering.

These five types of boots will give any closet an updated, stylish look. Which of these is your favourite?

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