5 Trend Forecasts for Mens Fashion Jackets You Wouldn’t Expect

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A new season of trends in mens fashion jackets is already dawning on us. Men’s outerwear is one of those wardrobe essentials that you really can’t go wrong investing in. Once that winter weather hits London (like the Beast from the East), winter jackets for men are by far the only way to make a fashion statement outdoors.

We’ve seen 90s-inspired pieces make a huge comeback last season. However, these fall/winter trends are taking cues from other decades, like the late 80s and early 00s, from skater-inspired checkerboard to gloriously exaggerated fur. Already hitting trendy men’s clothing stores online and in stores like Differio, you’ll want to keep tabs on these major jacket trends.


1. Motorsport Patches

Gaining inspiration from those race-driver jumpsuits, this men’s outerwear trend is heavily inspired by the auto-racing gear of Nascar and Talladega. You’ll be seeing a lot of bold primary colours clashing with neutrals, just like racetrack uniforms. More importantly, the motorsport trend on these mens fashion jackets is all about embroidered patches in different adverts. It also adds a military vibe that you wouldn’t expect from a sports jacket. You kind of feel like you’ve earned your racing stripes without working for it.


2. Mixed Media

You might be more familiar with mixed media hanging in the Tate Museum, but this concept is now being streamlined onto men’s casual jackets. Stylish men’s jackets in mixed media are an amalgamation of different fabrics, textures and prints. They’re kind of like wearable collages emphasizing the clash of patterns. You can expect wearable styles of mens designer jackets, like denim jackets with checkered plaid and wool bomber jackets with leather details. It might give the impression of a fashion faux pas, but when you see it visually it just works. It gives “opposites attract” a more fashionable meaning.


3. Colour Block

The color-block trend was once popular in the 80s, commonly seen on windbreaker jackets. Those swishy jackets had a moment when athleisure hit, but today’s colour-block trend is leaning towards more contemporary vibes. Similar to the mixed-media trend, these cool jackets for men are split up into geometric shapes instead of hybrid textures. You can expect this colour-block pattern on some of your favourite men’s casual jackets, like the coveted mens bomber jacket and leather jacket.


4. Checkerboard Print

We know – the checkerboard print isn’t exactly new men’s fashion news. Made famous by those “off the wall” slip-on shoes, the checkerboard print is currently being recycled onto mens fashion jackets. Although you’ll come across these mens coats and jackets in all-over checkerboard, it’s also being placed on the interior lining of track jackets and the arms of leather jackets. This adds a discreet pop of black and white with a nod to men’s streetwear and skateboard culture.


5. Extreme Faux Fur

Faux fur on mens fashion jackets made a comeback last season, but this furry-jacket trend is getting next-level hairy. From parka coats to down jackets, it’s popular to find fur on men’s winter coats built for extreme conditions. However, we’re beginning to see faux fur on the most unexpected jackets with an all-American flair, like shearling varsity jackets, fur-lined bomber jackets and fur-collar denim jackets. It adds a luxe touch to men’s casual jackets that you wouldn’t normally wear to a posh dinner at The Ritz in Piccadilly.


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