5 Slick Coat Styles To Beat The Winter Chill

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Just because winter means it’s time to wrap up, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style in order to keep warm. Lumpy layering and frumpy accessories are never a good look, no matter how cold it is. And that’s why a slick, stylish coat is the most important part of your winter arsenal. Sure, some guys may think sub-zero temperatures are an excuse to dress poorly, but not you. With a smart yet contemporary piece of outerwear, you’ll beat the chill and look as sharp as you do during summer. Here are five types of winter coat to make you feel even cooler than the temperature.

Velospeed jacket

One of our more relaxed picks, the classic Velospeed jacket bridges the gap between smart and casual, perhaps better than any other type of winter coat. Whatever your body type, this is an instant winner, with an informal shape guaranteed to flatter any man that wears it. The jacket also gets extra bonus points for nifty practical features like its four flap pockets, perfect for stashing your phone and wallet, as well as soft leather gloves or any other winter accessories.

This design is exclusive to Hackett, who recommend wearing a Velospeed with a simple crew neck jumper layered over your favourite shirt. The beauty of this jacket is also in the variety of colours and materials available. A rock and roll leather Velospeed is perfect for adding an edgy twist to your getup, while the jackets made with soft cotton will wrap you up in casual winter comfort.


Make like enduring style icon Liam Gallagher and give a nod to the mods with a parka. And unlike LG, who struggles to stash all his coats inside his wardrobe, you only need one quality parka to see you through winter. A classic that is unlikely to ever go out of style, this garment gives you that effortless just-rolled-out-of-bed look, without any of the accompanying scruffiness.

Its loose fit and large, slouchy front pockets make the parka a great tool for dressing down your smarter outfits, and it’s so wearable that you’ll be just as comfortable sporting it on your commute as down the pub. Choose a dark green style if you want to pay homage to the Britpop era, but steer clear of lightweight options—lined parkas are what you’re after in icy conditions. A furry hood is a nice touch too, as long as it’s faux of course.


From shearling to aviator, there are plenty of winter jackets inspired by the air force. However, we prefer to take inspiration from the navy when it comes to outerwear, in the form of a trusty peacoat. Typically woollen and dark blue, a peacoat gets its name from the material it’s made from, though there’s some debate over whether that’s the Dutch ‘pijjekker’ (jacket of woollen cloth) or a shortened form name for the American pilot cloth.

This garment’s main features include its short length, double-breasted buttons and broad lapels. If it’s warm enough to protect sailors from the blustery high winds and seas, it’s 100% suitable for fashionable men who need shielding from the worst winter weather. The thick woollen material is sure to keep you toasty, while the lapels and high collar help wrap you up even more. Meanwhile, by ending at the knee, the cut of the coat allows you easy movement, ensuring that you won’t feel restricted. Aside from its practical applications, a peacoat is also an incredibly handsome looking jacket. Its tailored silhouette and dark hue can instantly smarten up your best jeans, jumper and boots combo.


For a timeless piece that can do no wrong, an overcoat is always a safe bet when you need a new winter coat. This is the most versatile style of all and comes in heavy fabrics like wool to give you maximum protection from the frosty chill. Though you can easily throw one over a casual outfit, this is also the most appropriate outerwear to layer over your finest suit. Therefore, when you’re shopping for an overcoat, make sure to leave plenty of room around the shoulders and waist to accommodate your blazer.

An overcoat is a wardrobe investment worth splashing out on, so make sure you maximise wearability by staying away from any overly bold colours and patterns. Plain, neutral shades like black, navy and camel mean you’ll be able to wear the coat with all your clothes. And in terms of the cut, single-breasted variations in longer lengths will help make you appear taller and broader—win-win!


Though all the winter coats we’ve mentioned so far are sure to keep you warm, they don’t always come in waterproof materials. Unless you’re happy to carry an umbrella in case of a sudden downpour, you may be better off getting a raincoat. No longer seen as dowdy cover-ups associated with school kids and trainspotters, modern raincoats come in sleek designs, providing you with an all-in-one wonder-coat to keep you warm, dry and on-trend.

You may be picturing vivid colours and rubbery fabrics, but it’s possible to wear a raincoat as more formal winter outerwear. There are many different styles available, but it’s best to stick to pieces in streamlined cuts, dark shades and lightweight high-quality materials like cotton and polyester blends. As raincoats aren’t as weighty as the alternatives, this is also perfect for when you’ve gone heavy on the knitwear and woollen accessories, but don’t want to overheat.

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