5 Male Celebrity Fashion Trends you didn’t realise are cool

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As much as style is about showcasing individuality, it also never hurts to gain a little inspiration from celebrity fashion. Whether they’re sitting front row at London Fashion Week or grabbing coffee, nine times out of ten, a celebrity is wearing an outfit that we can’t help staring at. They’re usually the ones that get criticised for wearing a new trend that only ends up in every other storefront a few months later.

Today’s stylish menswear is getting more experimental than ever, which is especially true amongst male celebrity fashion. From male rompers to graphic meggings, it seems like they’re looking for the most non-traditional styles of men’s clothing, like the trendy menswear you’d find on Differio online store. It creates buzz, but it’s also an opportunity for the rest of us to move out of our comfort zones and try something fashionably different.

We found the most shocking menswear styles that are trending now, donned by some of today’s famous faces in fashion, sports and entertainment. If you’re desperate for some daring outfit choices, you might want to take note of what these guys are sporting in and out of the limelight.


Coloured Overalls

Although overalls for men have been around as long as the California Gold Rush, they’re making a comeback among male celebrity fashion in more ways than one. They’ve been seen paired with urban streetwear hoodies to graphic grunge t-shirts to plain white tees. Moreover, you’ll notice that most of today’s mens fashion overalls aren’t only design in classic blue denim. Lately, celebrities are going for either bright colors or unique fabrics, like men’s overalls in fire-engine red or soft brown corduroy.



If you thought skinny jeans were tight, you should take a look at how these guys are pulling off men’s tights (and we’re not talking male hosiery). Also known as men’s leggings, meggings and compression pants, male celebrities have been spotted ditching traditional pants for this comfier alternative. You might’ve seen some guys at the gym wearing workout leggings for running or cycling, but celebs are actually wearing them more like casual streetwear clothing. If you’re curious to try the trend, you can always pair meggings with men’s fashion sneakers and loose-fit, longline tees.


Utility Kilts

It seems like celebrity fashion is getting skirted inspiration from Scottish and Irish culture. From fashion gurus to rap stars, kilts for men are becoming a favorite amongst celebs for being trendy enough for the red carpet, yet comfortable enough for dancing on stage. Today’s kilt trends are treated with bolder vibes that’ll make you feel like you’re ready to speed down the freeway on a motorcycle. Instead of tartan wool and plaid cotton, you’ll find utility kilts for sale designed in leather, denim and camouflage. Depending on what look you’re after, you can go more gothic by pairing it with combat boots or go more urban with a graphic tee.


Male Rompers

Rompers for men are the latest celebrity fashion trend shaking up everyone’s Facebook feed. They’re kind of like adult onesies and overall shorts rolled into one glorious, one-and-done outfit. Definitely more of a spring and summer item, male celebs are usually seen wearing these at outdoor festivals and parties. Despite the controversial buzz around men’s rompers, they basically take the guesswork out of finding what to wear in the morning. You can literally throw them on and go, which is a lifesaving item for lazy trendsetters and late-morning risers.


Casual Jumpsuits

You could call a men’s jumpsuit the long-pants version of the romper. This celebrity fashion statement is one of the easiest pieces to throw on and look stylish. Although jumpsuits for men are one of those items that can’t be missed, guys are wearing them slightly toned down in solid colors versus loud patterns. It’s easy to dress them up with leather oxfords or dress them down with low-top sneakers.


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