3 things to remember when purchasing a Diamond

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You will see lots of content on internet elaborating about the things which your diamond should have. But you will rarely find the content telling about the crucial points which your diamond should NOT have. Yes, there are some important things you should keep in mind while purchasing a diamond. Those things or signs should indicate that this is not a real diamond.

The below-mentioned points are the points which your diamond should not possess. Take a look.



This often happens that diamond is overlooked in fluorescence. It is not a positive sign in stone. The stone gets fluorescence when it’s being formed because of the excess amount of development of nitrogen.

Basically, diamonds will get affected by fluorescence because of the nitrogen inside the stone being reacted with UV rays. The UV rays of the sun also influence the diamond stone. In bright daylight, you will observe diamond as opaque and milky.

It is very essential to prevent buying the stone that’s fluorescence characteristic is stronger in contrast with faint. Always get the diamond which is nil in fluorescence characteristic. It is for assuring that your diamond will still look beautiful, clear, and sparkling in all conditions.


Non-Certified Diamonds

The most vital thing for having a diamond is to certify your diamond by the respective diamond certifying board. Certifying boards will assure about the colour, clarity, carat weight, cut and many other aspects of a diamond stone. The genuine certificate of your diamond will be in your hand when you get your diamond. It will ensure that for the thing you are paying is actually diamond. Additionally, it will preserve its value and make it easy for you to resell it.

Getting a diamond without a certificate is a huge risk. You cannot be sure that actually are you getting the genuine thing for which you have paid. Always be sure that your diamond is certified by the respectable certifying board.


Choose Best Quality UK Made Jewellery

It sometimes happens that companies provide you diamonds in the cheapest rates. There are 95% chances that they just acquire poor quality manufactured overseas. You can easily observe the best and quality work of goldsmith in your jewellery items in contrast with the pieces which are not manufactured in a proper manner. Its outlook will also be not much appealing.

Keep in mind that while purchasing a diamond, ask the seller that your jewellery item is created in the UK or overseas. All the low-cost items get shipped from China or India. These jewellery items are easily breakable.

Jewellery items manufactured from quality expert goldsmiths of UK are of incredible quality. They are sturdy and are guaranteed to be much better in manufacturing. You can easily observe the difference between good quality diamond jewellery and bad quality, low-cost diamond jewellery.


Consider buying from DC Jewellery; they are offering the best quality diamonds handmade by best expert UK goldsmiths. Buying from them will make your money work and your partner happy.

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