3 Halloween Contact Lens Habits That Can Lead to Scary Eye Problems

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Will you be wearing costume contact lenses this Halloween? A recent report commissioned by VisionDirect.co.uk (September 2017) revealed that contact lens wearers are guilty of many bad habits that could lead to serious eye problems. With over two million people in the UK affected by sight loss, this is estimated to double by 2050.

It’s important to take your contact lens hygiene seriously this Halloween and get in the habit of caring for your lenses. Find three common contact lens offenses below.


1. Falling asleep in your lenses

The research found that 70% of contact lens wearers have fallen asleep in their lenses, with the most common reasons being because they forgot to take them out (41%), they had a bit too much to drink (27%) or they have been too tired to take them out (21%) – thus resulting in dry and uncomfortable eyes.

Planning on partying late into the night? Falling asleep in your lenses is never the best idea, especially if you are wearing costume lenses that have not been prescribed to wear overnight.

As you sleep, your eyelids should provide moisture to your eyes and clear away any bacteria that may be present. If you leave lenses in, they will soak up this moisture and lead to dry eyes in the morning. It will also increase the risk of a bad eye infection.


2. Rinsing your lenses in water

Almost a quarter of contact lens wearers (23%) have rinsed their lenses in water rather than solution to disinfect them.

Be careful not to mistake water as a replacement for your regular solution. Contact lens solution is formulated to clean lenses and contains chemicals that are essential for sterilising them and making them safe to wear. Water will include a host of bacteria to your lens and this could lead to an eye infection.


3. Sharing your lenses with other people

This tip may seem obvious, but it’s never a good idea to share your lenses with others (even if you never wore them before). Sharing lenses with others can spread infections, bacteria, dirt and lots of other nasty stuff!


Keep your eyes safe this Halloween

Halloween lenses are perfectly safe to wear and can really enhance your costume. Just be sure to practice safe habits alongside wearing them like proper hygiene and care. If you start to have any problems or pain after wearing Halloween contact lenses then you should consult an optician.


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