10 things you might not know about Harry Styles

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The curly-haired One Direction star quickly became the heartthrob of the nation after first appearing on our screens as an X Factor contestant in 2010. The 20-year-old pop star has racked up an impressive number of awards in his 4-year career including “Best Dressed”, “Best Smile” and “Best Smile in Pop” from MTV, the British Fashion Awards and several others.

Here are a few things you might not already know about Harry Styles:


1. He has over 50 tattoos ranging from random scribbles to quotes and images of butterflies, birds, a ship and the Holy Bible, to name but a few. Many of his smaller and older tattoos were inked by friends and the star admits himself that they’re “just awful”.


2. He practices Pilates and yoga – after a series of back problems that started when he was a child doing a newspaper round, he was instructed to take a Pilates class once a week to improve his posture. He also practices Bikram yoga every morning at 5am and works out at the gym for an hour before bed.


3. Harry talks in his sleep and used to sleepwalk as a child – he admitted he would sometimes wake up on the bathroom floor.


4. His biggest hero is David Hasselhoff. The young singer has made no secret of his acting aspirations and is keen to start taking on acting roles alongside his music career.


5. Some people collect stamps, Harry collects cars. He owns an Audi R8, a Range Rover, a Porsche Carrera, a Ford Capri, a Ferrari California, and a Jaguar E-Type.


6. He has 4 nipples – he believes he was once a twin but “the other one went away and left its nipples behind”.


7. He wears women’s jeans because he prefers the tighter fit. He was reportedly seen stocking up on size 30 women’s jeans from Paige Denim on his latest US tour. The brand is a favourite with celebrities including Sarah Jessica parker and Miranda Kerr.


8. The sale of male hair extensions has apparently risen by 200%, at least partly due to the popularity of Harry’s wild mop of long curly hair.


9. He’s recently been seen sporting a braided “man bun” but Harry usually prefers to keep his locks under control with a head scarf – he’s a fan of scarves by Alexander McQueen and owns several with the distinctive skull print.


10. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, considering his age, the singer suffers from acne. Prior to the band’s world tour early this year he resorted to daily facials made from nightingale droppings in an attempt to clear up his skin. The ‘Geisha Facial’ is also popular with stars including Tom Cruise and Victoria Beckham.


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