Harrods: 10 Things You Might Not Know

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As one of London’s main tourist attractions and home to a myriad of designer and exquisite items, we wanted to take a look at some of the facts you may not know about Harrods, some of which shape and define it as one of the largest and most famous luxury department stores in the world.

1 – Founded in 1834 in London’s East End (a little different to its current home in the wealthy Knightsbridge), Harrods was a tea merchant and grocery store

2 – The Harrods motto is: Omnia Omnibus Ubique – “All things for all people, everywhere” – a statement that will undoubtedly resonate for those who pass through the halls of Harrods every day

3 – Harrods installed Britain’s very first escalator in 1898, ahead of its competitors, Selfridges

4 – We all love visiting Harrods notorious Pet Kingdom and staring in awe at the adorable puppies and kittens, but did you know this was previously an in-store zoo? The zoo opened in 1917 and offered live poultry and goats to its customers

5 – That isn’t the only animal antics Harrods as been up to; Noel Coward, writer and playwright, bought a real-life alligator in the Harrods Pet Shop one Christmas

6 – …whilst former US president Ronald Reagan was also sold a baby elephant

7 – Furthermore, once Harrods hired a live Egyptian cobra to protect the shoe counter, guarding a £62,000 pair of haute couture sandals

8 – On a busy day, over 100,000 people visit the store

9 – There is over 1 million square feet of selling space to satisfy those eager shoppers

10 – Finally, our favourite childhood author, A.A.Milne found the original Winnie-the-Pooh for his son (Christopher Robin) in the Toy Department at Harrods

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