Zara beat Christian Louboutin in Red Sole Legal Battle

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A French court have ruled in favour of high street retailer Zara in a law suit filed by Christian Louboutin, who claim the brand copied their signature red sole.

Louboutin’s Yo Yo shoes (left) vs Zara’s alleged ‘counterfeits’

Louboutin opened the lawsuit when Zara released a slingback shoe similar to their Yo Yo design, which were completely red, including the sole. WWD reported that Zara filed an appeal after the court ruled in favour of Louboutin in the first instance, but Louboutin’s trademark was found to be “too vague”, as it did not feature a specific Pantone colour reference. Louboutin have since filed another trademark specifying the shade, which has done little to help their cause against high street copies.

The final ruling found that there was “no proven risk of confusion” between Zara’s £40 pair and Louboutin’s significantly more expensive footwear. Louboutin have been ordered to pay Zara around £2,000 in compensation.

Who do you think should win?

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