Why wearing clear lens glasses is still a thing in 2017

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The debate on whether or not it is okay to wear non-prescription lenses when your eyesight is near perfect is cancelled indefinitely. In 2017, we shape our appearances more authentically than ever before, but by using the exaggeration, the fantasy and the fake. Think for example of how fashion influencers have found ways to engage with their audience- through filters and scenic views, often using an iconic handbag or a pair of shoes as a prop.

It’s about how the right filter can make a snap feel even more real than the original. Or how the right pair of frames can be seen as more of a great piece of facial furniture, than just an accessory for the visually impaired. The details of your sartorial flair need that thing- those wacky clear lenses glasses and a sense of style so precise that your reasoning behind wearing the unnecessary becomes irrelevant. Join us as we reveal the top trendy glasses of spring/summer 2017 for men and women.


1. The Round Metal Glasses

These are the quintessential frames worn by both men and women. Writer, stylist and social media influencer, Margaret Zhang, recently posted an image of herself sporting round-framed aviator eyeglasses while commenting on America’s tense political climate. Perhaps these metal frames are the new mark of social awareness – the John Lennon glasses of 2017?


2. The Vintage Round Glasses

The distinguished vintage round frame takes us all the way back to the wake of the youth movement during the early 1960’s. They were popular amongst artist and intellectuals and continue to fashion an otherworldly look even today.


3. Thick Rimmed Glasses

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to rebel without a cause and still look neat while doing it. Popularized by rock and roll-legend Buddy Holly, and wildly popular in the 50’s, the wayfarer model looks even better with clear lenses. We recommend a thick, black frame and slight oversize. Works best if you are into liberating decadence and business suits.


4. The Colour Palette Glasses

The tortoise shell colour scheme glasses are among the most desirable of them all. They’re stylish with or without that statement piece you’ve kept in your wardrobe for months on end. But with these glasses, there is no need to wait for that special occasion for you to finally wear them this spring/summer.


5. Retro Oval Glasses

When we think of the 90’s, there is often always an ineffable sense of excitement amongst fashion intellectuals. Many praised the grunge era’s wild fury of creativity- remember when Marc Jacobs had showed his revolutionary collection which ultimately got him fired from Perry Ellis? And then there was of course Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love dominating the music scene. It was quite a time to be alive, and the retro oval glasses will want to take you back (even if it wasn’t exactly your time).


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