Wayne Hemingway & Coca-Cola Collaborate to Create Umbrella with a Twist

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environmentally friendly, umbrella for autumn.

This September will see the launch of an umbrella made entirely from 100% recycled plastic bottles; this little beauty will not only shelter you from the horrid rain, but also convey the importance of recycling.

Hemingway himself champions the idea of sustainable living, creating this exclusive limited edition accessory to celebrate the launch of PlantBottle™ plastic into G.B. – a brand that use 100% recycled plastic packaging made partially from plants.

Each designer umbrella is made from only five plastic bottles, which have been crushed and then processed back into yarn – demonstrating what wonderful things can be made when we recycle our plastic bottles.

“I was really excited to get behind this project, as it is an example of a brand taking the right steps to help introduce more sustainable ways to operate as a business. I don’t believe in waste, I think we should all be thinking on how we can recycle the materials we all use every day,’’ explains Wayne.

“By partnering with Coca-Cola, together we want to demonstrate what can happen if we put our plastic back into the recycling chain. We hope this limited edition umbrella will get people thinking and ultimately inspire them to play their vital role in recycling their bottles – so Coca-Cola‘s new PlantBottle™ packaging can be re-used again and again.”

The new 100% recyclable 500ml Coca-Cola, Diet Coke & Coke Zero bottles that are set to hit shelves, will be indistinguishable from normal plastic, but will now be made from up to 22.5 % plant-based material and 25% recycled plastic – in a genuine step by the brand to reduce its carbon footprint and lessen its impact on the environment.

Bravo guys!

The designer umbrella will be available in Harvey Nichols Stores nationwide from September 12th for a limited period only, and from September 26th it will also be available on CokeZone.co.uk

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