NSFW: Vivienne Westwood poses naked for Juergen Teller exhibition

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NSFW: Vivienne Westwood has stripped off (completely) for photographer Juergen Teller as part of an exhibition called ‘Men and Women’.

Leaving nothing to the imagination, the images of the naturally red-headed designer were unveiled at the exhibition in the Berlin offices of fashion magazine 032c. Onlooker and stylist Dario Cuci revealed the images on his blog, which have now spread across cyberspace.

In the words of Vivienne herself, “Fashion is about eventually being naked.”

View the images below.

Images: Dario Cuci/Jurgen Teller

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  • AA

    i want to cry

    • Lucy B

      I didn’t need this.

  • Tiffany Sublett

    i’m just really so upset….

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  • lolers

    i LOVE it

  • eljjai

    What a vapid thing to say. It’s ridiculous how all these shallow, mindless, creatures who live in their own puddle-deep world are such great philosophers. As for the pictures, dull. No direction and very cliched. Did she think she was the reincarnation of Rose from Titanic? They really ought to have beem better. Look like polaroids from some pervs’ 70s smut collection.

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  • IA

    There is nothing wrong in the naked form, society today is still prudish & far too preoccupied and concerned with youth & so called beauty as well as being excessively critical and insulting I admire Vivienne Westwood for posing totally naked & full frontal at her age. She has a respectable body & a gorgeous pubic mound/vagina, I’d be a very happy man to be able to have intercourse & make love with Vivienne, & I’m young enough to be her son!