ShortList Unveils New Menswear Magazine

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Weekly men’s mag ShortList has unveiled it’s fashionable older brother – ShortList Mode. The new title will be a bi-annual issue and made its debut across the UK last night.

To coincide with the key fashion seasons the magazine will be released in March and September every year, with each issue taking on a different theme. The launch issue celebrates “masculine sex appeal”, looking to stars of the 70s such as Burt Reynolds for inspiration.

Gracing the title’s first front cover is Essex-born model David Gandy who is most famous for his raunchy D&G campaign pictures. A perfect picture of masculine sex appeal we think.

ShortList Mode will be edited by ShortList’s current style Director Adrian Clark and will be distributed in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester. Like its counterparts it will be a free magazine and has a launch distribution target of 250,000 copies.

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