Toni & Guy revisit The Queen’s Iconic Hairstyles

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Toni & Guy’s Hairdresser of the year 2011/2012 Richard Mannah is celebrating The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by looking at Her Majesty’s most iconic hairstyles.

Her first do – ‘The Royal Chop’ – is hailed as a version of the “Three Inch-cut”, forming a halo of natural curls from the centre-back of the head, brushed away from the face without a parting. Richard added: “Hair was cut to three inches all over and set or permed on rollers, not only was this a practical style as women went in to service, the cut was also stylish and remained in fashion throughout the war, rationing, and for Elizabeth, her reign so far.”

Second up is Elizabeth’s ‘Coronation Curls’, which she bought into fashion from the moment of her 1953 crowning as Queen of England. Her pin curled looked has been used once again this season, with Richard going for the retro look backstage at the Issa London show, where he pin-curled the model’s hair and brushed them through to create soft feminine waves.

Try your own Royal look this month to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a set of retro rollers, hair pins and lots and lots of hairspray!

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