New Year in London: What to Wear

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Whether you plan on joining the crowds in the city centre or are heading to a private party, New Year is definitely the time to look your best. We’ve put together a guide to building the perfect New Year outfit, ensuring you see in 2013 in style!


Depending on how formal your event is, any kind of jacket is suitable, from dapper dinner jacket to modern trench coat. Whichever you choose, ensure that it’s fitted just right, as this will instantly improve your whole look – if you’ve ever considered having an item of clothing tailored, your jacket is definitely the piece to choose! Also ensure you have the right jacket length for your height: too long or too short will end up looking comical, regardless of how much you spend.


Shirts don’t really have to cost the earth – after all, you’ll likely be wearing a jacket for most of the evening anyway. Jacamo have a great range of men’s shirts that are perfect for just such an occasion. Leave solid colours for the workplace; instead go for something with a creative pattern, matched with a textured tie if it’s a particularly swanky party. Do make sure you don’t go too overboard with the matching combination though – heavily printed shirts want a thin tie in a complementary colour, nothing too showy. Finish it off with a good tie pin and a pair of cufflinks for a more sophisticated look.


The modern thin-cut style is by far the smartest and most fashionable you’re going to get, however smartly you’re dressed. Avoid bright patterns and colours, and instead opt for darker colours. If you can’t find a pair the fit the way you want, buy some that are slightly too wide, and have them tailored – the result will be worth the expense!


Smart shoes are an absolute necessity for a good party outfit; even the sharpest suit will look a little bit cheaper if worn with scuffed, out-dated footwear. Go for something streamlined and unfussy; a simple pointed black shoe is perfect. Avoid square-toed options, which will just look cheap, and instead opt for something slim and simple. If you’re likely to be outside, choose a thin boot instead; these will keep our feet much warmer, and look just as stylish.


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