Natalie Portman Dior mascara advert banned

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It’s fair to say that as a public we’ve learnt to take cosmetics adverts with a pinch of salt. We realise that no matter how much we slap on, that wrinkle cream probably wont reduce our lines by the percentage promised and a new lipstick won’t make us instantly look like Kate Moss.

However, although some brands now state when images are enhanced in campaigns, Dior has come under fire this week for their latest mascara advert not being so transparent. The ad featuring Natalie Portman has been investigated by The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after rival firm L’Oréal complained that it misleadingly exaggerated the likely effects of the product.

It seems the ASA agreed with L’Oreal’s claims and the ad is now banned.  Dior have since admitted to using photoshop to lengthen and increase the curve of Portman’s lashes. Tut tut!

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