Mercedes-Benz Now Experience takes improv to another level

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Mercedes-Benz is inviting us to experience the best moment in time to be alive. Right now.

In a world-first, they created a live advert for their electric cars and streamed it on YouTube across 12 hours, starring multi-award winning performer Darren Johnston.

Accompanied by a live soundtrack, with musicians improvising over a composed piece which was arranged as the advert happened, the inspiration for Darren’s performance is the Circadian Rhythm, aka the body clock. Using movement and light, he recreated the average person’s day through this cycle and the body’s responses to light and dark.

With Darren’s work spanning choreography, sound and visual art and dance, it was an unexpected showcase of the incredible things happening right now.

We often think of electric cars as a thing of the future, a mystical technology that’s still a work in progress, but with this project, Mercedes-Benz is keen to show us that they’re ready and available right now with their range of plug-in hybrid models.

The new brand encompasses all key aspects for customer-focused electric mobility and extends beyond the vehicle itself. EQ offers a comprehensive electric mobility ecosystem of products, services, technologies and innovations. The spectrum ranges from electric vehicles to wallboxes and charging services to home energy storage units. The name EQ stands for “Electric Intelligence” and is derived from the Mercedes-Benz brand values of “Emotion and Intelligence”.

Streamed live on 15th December, no matter what time viewers tuned in, they discovered a unique experience happening at that very moment in time.

The Mercedes-Benz Now Experience. Watch the legacy YouTube film of this original piece, right now:

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