McDonald’s staff uniforms get a fashionable update

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The humble burger just got a lot more green. Hemingway Design, best known for their Red or Dead label, have announced a collaboration with McDonald’s restaurants to redesign their staff uniforms as part of a new green initiative. The long-term plan will see new uniforms being made for McDonald’s 85,000 staff, designed by Wayne Hemingway, and unveiled at the start of the London 2012 Olympics.

McDonald’s is the first UK company to commit to the new “closed loop” system of uniforms, wherein the old uniforms will be broken down into raw materials, and then upcycled to form brand new uniforms. The fast food staff’s new look is also in collaboration with Worn Again, an organisation committed to helping big brands minimise their ecological footprint.

Jez Langhorn, Vice President of McDonald’s, said: “We’re delighted to be working with a British design team led by Wayne Hemingway in the creation of a UK first – the closed loop recyclable uniform. Our staff share Worn Again’s commitment to sustainability and I hope that together we can create a uniform design model for the future which others can follow.”

Let’s hope they’re slightly more stylish than the current brown polo top and cap combo!

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