Making Liberty: iconic London department store explored for TV show

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This autumn London’s iconic department store Liberty is set to be the subject of a documentary, inspired by the successful BBC series Inside Claridge’s.

Making Liberty” will air on Channel 4 in the U.K. before being distributed internationally and will follow managing director Ed Burstell and his “right hand woman” head of marketing and communications Kate Brindley. It will focus on the store’s busiest period in the run up to Christmas and will celebrate the heritage of the brand whilst highlighting its instinct for innovation.

Burstell told WWD: “I think it will come out as a nice balance of the store’s family values and culture, but also being very modern and relevant. There’s a real focus on the business of fashion, they will be filming us at all the fashion weeks, seeing the strategy and the buying meetings; it will be a balance of that and the people that go into it.”

Brindley also has high hopes that the show will increase visitor numbers to and awareness of Liberty, as she explained to WWD: “I really hope that ‘Making Liberty’ will bring a new customer to Liberty and show people that perhaps haven’t visited the store in a while that we aren’t just seeping in our heritage, or resting on our [floral-printed] laurels, or just ‘expensive.’ We are a brand that thrives on innovation and we have something for everyone.”

It is sure to be must-see TV for fans of the store and those with aspirations to work in retail alike.