Lush launches new collection ‘Emotional Brilliance’

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Lush’s first cosmetic collection called ‘Emotional Brilliance’ comes into stores today. The concept is based on the idea that our day to day thoughts, feelings and emotions are all influenced by colour.

The people at Lush put their heads together with behavioural therapist Lady Kennedy to come up with a range of six cream eyeshadows, eleven liquid liners and thirteen liquid lipsticks. The products are all vegan, natural and packaged in their trademark fuss-free way.

What is most innovative is the in- store experience. Customers are invited to spin a wheel containing the products of all different colours, and pick out those which are most appealing to them. The resulting colours and therefore products they pick are supposed to be indicative of your subconscious needs. The products are all labelled with key words such as ‘Strong’, ‘Decisive’ and ‘Vibrance’

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