Low calorie snack ‘Popchips’ arrive in the UK

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Are crisps strictly off the menu for your post-Christmas diet? (Yes, we know it’s nearly April, but we’re just getting started). Then say hello to Popchips – freshly ‘popped’ potato chips that contain half the fat than a normal bag of crisps.

Popchips are big news in America and have now come overseas to fill the mouths and bellies of us Brits with their bursting flavour and light composition at only 95 calories a bag.  Like popcorn they’re heated so they simply ‘pop’ to form a crisp, rather than fried or baked. Ashton Kutcher is also president of the food brand, so what better reason to get stuck in?

Our verdict: At first the bags feel a little empty and we suspect that may be why they’re so low in calories, but after tucking into a bag we’re full and surprised at how bulky they are – not flat and flimsy like some regular fried crisps. Delicious and healthy (ish) – we’re impressed.

For more information visit popchips.co.uk


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