Wallpaper* announces new fragrance with Karl Lagerfeld and Steidl

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There’s something quite special about flicking through a good book or magazine, the scent and feel of the pages can be almost comforting and evoke a lot of memories. That feeling and scent has been bottled in new fragrance ‘Paper Passion’. It comes from a power collaboration between Wallpaper* magazine, Karl Lagerfeld, German publisher Gerhard Steidl and perfumer extraordinaire Geza Schoen. The bouquet of the fragrance is meant to be akin to freshly printed books, aiming to relax us, as we would be when reading and appreciate the meditative state we enter and the joy we take from a good book. Lagerfeld was in control of the packaging which was designed to look like a real book containing  a hidden compartment for the fragrance.  There are even essays on the subject of paper at the front, written by the contributors.  What do you think?  Would you find this fragrance comforting, or a little too quirky?

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