Jeremy Scott for Swatch

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Jeremy Scott swatch

Take a look at these jazzy timepieces. American fashion designer Jeremy Scott, who has previously collaborated with Adidas, has released a range of cartoon inspired watches for Swiss brand Swatch.

Known for his pop art designs and use of comic book images, Jeremy has remained true to his signature style with the 1980’s inspired watches.

The collection consists of three watches, the first named Opulence, which is a sleek black watch with a gold baroque frame that clips on and off. The second is understandably named Lightning Flash, which requires no explanation, and the last is named Winged Swatch,  which plays on the expression ‘time flies’. See what he did there?

The man behind the infamous Britney Spears air hostess costume, which featured in her ‘Toxic’ video, spoke at the launch party about how thrilled he is to be on board. He said: “Not only can’t I believe that I’ve been allowed to design my own, I am just so totally flattered to be part of a legacy that includes Keith Haring and Vivienne Westwood – two of my heroes.”

The watches are in store now and priced at £42.50.

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