Festival Fashion: Time For A Watch

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Whatever festival you’re planning to attend this year, a good watch is a must-have item. Having forked out a small fortune for your ticket, you don’t want to miss out on a great band simply because you lose track of the time (most of us have).

If you’re one of those people who usually doesn’t bother with a timepiece and instead relies on a phone, you might want to think again – a large crowd in a muddy field is the last place you want to keep reaching for your iPhone. Watches are of course fashion accessories, however, so you’ll want one that fits your look, so here’s a few tips for buying the right one.

Leather versus metal

We’re talking about straps of course. The material is down to personal choice, and you really should know which you prefer before you invest in a high-value timepiece, so try out a few in the shops to get a feel.

Fresh faced

It’s not just about analogue or digital. The primary design of the watch comes through in its face, so you need to look for one which captures your own personal style. Also, think about how the size of the face works with your hands; large hands will look even bigger with a tiny little watch, so look for ones with a chunkier dial.

Another part of the look

Your watch should match the way you dress, so if you like casual clothing an elegant, dressy watch with a leather strap might look a bit odd – but will fit right in with a blazer and shirt.

Don’t go overboard

By all means get a Rolex if that’s your thing, but you don’t want to be carrying something that expensive around a festival site, so back it up with something a little cheaper. Low-value doesn’t have to mean tacky – there are plenty of great options in the men’s watches range at Debenhams, for instance.

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