Feiyue Pop-Up Shop Launch @ Selfridges Shoe Galleries

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only in the UK, this trainer label has a fascinating story so far. Originating in China in the 1920’s, the designs were picked up from the brink of extinction by a group of French sport shoe lovers, refreshed and introduced to Europe as one of the hottest new trainer brands.

Available exclusively in Selfridges throughout December, the label is new to the UK. The designs are simple and draw on retro influences, reminiscent of Lacoste, Lambretta and other vintage sports names.

Celebrity fans include Lily Cole, Orlando Bloom and JLS, and previous collaborations with Celine signal Feiyue as an up and coming name to be respected in the fashion industry.

Although the shoes are well designed and reasonably priced, the range offers nothing new and doesn’t lend itself to a unique brand identity. Due to the inspiring back story and recent saving of the designs however, I hope that future collections single out Feiyue as one to watch in the next few years as they build on their own history, to create an individual style.

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