Erin O’Connors Model Sanctuary closes for London Fashion Week 2012

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The Model Sanctuary, set up by Erin O’Connor as a place of rest for models between shows, will be closed for the upcoming London Fashion Week 2012 due to sponsor and lease issues.

In a statement on Erin’s website she said: “For reasons beyond my control, The Model Sanctuary will not be operating during the forthcoming London Fashion Week February 2012. This is due to a combination of last minute changes to contributions from sponsors and, despite an incredible response from a number of loyal and enthusiastic supporters, we have been unable to find an alternative venue after our home of the last few seasons became subject to a long-term lease. As these issues have come to light in the last few weeks I am left with no time to rectify the situation.”

She goes on to urge organisers to find The Model Sanctuary a permanent home, saying: “It is absolutely vital that we prioritise the welfare of young people within our industry and without this assistance I will be forced to close The Model Sanctuary permanently.”

Erin opened the sanctuary in 2008, providing health guidance, emotional support and career advice to working models at London Fashion Week.