Could YOU be Marc Jacobs New Tweeter?

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It’s every fashionista’s dream job – head tweeter  for none other than Mr Marc Jacobs.


After Chief Executive Robert Duffy made a twitter faux pas this week, he has since been stripped of his twitter rights for the company. Leading up to New York Fashion Week he tweeted: ‘Any ideas for a stage set for our fashion show? It’s at the armory on 27th Street. I’m stuck. No idea. Something minimal please? I have one week!’

The tweet was quickly removed, but the damage had already been done. Minutes later an apparent job advert appeared, appealing for someone to ‘take a job heading our twitter acct and social media.’ They’ve since confirmed the offer is ‘deadly serious’ and those lacking in fashion experience shouldn’t worry – they want someone ‘who truly gets what we’re all about. Smart, funny, and entertaining.’

So it may require you to move to New York, but if you’re looking for a complete life overhaul this may be for you! All you have to do is give @MarcJacobsIntl a winning tweet. His advice read: ‘Be clever. Smart. Understand our DNA. Say it in one tweet! That is your interview!’

The job apparently ‘pays well’ and applicants will be reviewed over the next few days – so get tweeting!

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