Condé Nast launch ‘Fashion Hazard’ video game

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Ever dreamt of taking to the catwalk at Fashion Week? Well now you can thanks to Condé Nast’s new video game ‘Fashion Hazard’. Players start as model Ellie Redburn, who is described as a “Kansas-bred novice in the world of high fashion and at the bottom of the Fashion Week’s totem pole”, and they are then thrust onto the New York Fashion Week catwalk, where the aim of the game is to stay in line and not hit the deck before the time runs out.

As the game progresses the catwalk gets tougher, as players have to fend off photographers, dodge flying objects, and trade jewellery for special catwalking powers. Then it’s off to London, Paris and Milan, where things get tougher until you complete all four fashion weeks and move onto the next level.

It doesn’t sound like the most challenging of video games, but a bit of light-hearted fun and entertainment for fashion fans on the move.  Fashion Hazard can be downloaded now via the Apple App store for 69 pence and is compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

Image: fashionhazard

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