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Christopher Kane launches campaign to fight heart disease in Scotland

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Scottish fashion designer Christopher Kane is teaming up with national charity Heart Research UK to launch a “Heart of Scotland” campaign featuring limited edition badges and t-shirts designed by Kane.

The four brightly-coloured heart-shaped badges and unique t-shirts with a bold heart illustration will be on sale across Scotland, along with a week of fundraising and celebrations culminating on the longest day of the year – 21 June 2019.

All money raised by the campaign will be used within Scotland to fund medical research into prevention, treatment, and cure of heart disease.

Cardiovascular disease currently causes more than a quarter of all deaths in Scotland and every year 1 in 7 men and nearly 1 in 7 women die of coronary heart disease.

Sam Wells, Chief Operating Officer at Heart Research UK said: ‘There’ll be few people in Scotland who haven’t been affected by heart disease. The Heart of Scotland campaign will fund ground-breaking research into heart disease so we can keep those we love around for longer. We were so excited to see Christopher’s fabulous designs and his wonderful generosity means the campaign will be off to a flying start.”

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