CHANEL launch their most expensive perfume at £2700

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When you work in the world of luxury designer goods, you can quickly become immune to what many would regard as extortionate prices. £150 for a cotton T-shirt? Sure! £70 for a face cream? Why not? But even the most seasoned beauty reporter balked at Chanel’s announcement that they are going to be retailing a “Grant Extrait” edition of their iconic No. 5 fragrance – for an eye-watering £2732.24 / $4 200. Yes, you read that correctly.

This limited-release fragrance is considered “rare and collectible” and of “exceptional quality”, with a bottle containing 30 ounces of perfume (that’s 800 or so grams). Bargain hunters will be able to pick up the smaller volume for a steal at £1300 / $2 100. .


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