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Cartier releases CARAT fragrance inspired by diamonds

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Luxury goods company Cartier has released a new fragrance – CARAT – inspired by the brand’s iconic jewellery.

The fragrance was created by Cartier’s in-house perfumer, Mathilde Laurent, who was inspired by the way that light is refracted into a rainbow of colours when it hits the surface of a diamond. Flowers of different colours were selected to recreate the scent of one imaginary pure white flower when combined.

CARAT is created from the scent of a floral rainbow extracted from seven colourful flowers – purple violet, indigo iris, blue hyacinth, green ylang ylang, yellow daffodil, orange honeysuckle, and red tulip.

The bottle is also inspired by a diamond and is designed to emulate the way that diamonds catch the light and shine on the skin. When light shines through the bottle, holographic rainbows appear on the surface.

Laurent said about the new fragrance: “Cartier brings diamonds to life by showcasing them so stunningly, by introducing light and making it scintillate and shimmer. It is this play of light that so moves us! Carat is for me a perfumistic ode to light. I am delighted to share with you my vision of fire in a fragrance, and, as Cartier does, to make the wearer sparkle and shine, with olfactory emotion.”

Cartier CARAT is available nationwide from 10 September priced at £52 for 30ml, £75 for 50ml, and £112 for 100ml.

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